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How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient in 5 Steps

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With the rising energy prices and the increasing harmful effects of carbon dioxide emissions brought about by consuming energy, it is important to take the necessary measures to address all these. While minimising energy consumption at a global scale may be the overall solution, action at the individual level is the key. As they say, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,’ and that one step begins with the homeowner.

By making your home energy efficient, you not only lower your energy bills, you also help save the environment by limiting the consumption of energy resources and avoiding pollution.

How do you do this? Follow these five steps.

1. Get an energy audit

Companies offering electrical services in Sydney, like Glenco, also provide energy efficiency audits to analyse your current energy consumption and from there, make suggestions on how to improve the sustainability of your premises. To ensure that you implement the most effective and appropriate methods of making your house energy efficient, it is best to get an energy audit first to get a detailed listing of what you need to take care of. This would ensure that you do not miss anything.

2. Improve home insulation and ventilation

A residential home’s heating and cooling accounts for 40% of a household’s total energy use. One way to decrease the need for electrical heating and cooling equipment in the home is to make sure that your home is properly insulated. Invest in quality insulation for your walls, floors and ceilings to keep the temperature in your home a comfortable one. Proper ventilation is another factor that you need to take care of to achieve this.

3. Fix your hot water system

If you have an old hot water system in your home, chances are this may be eating up your energy bill. And as hot water systems are the second largest energy consumers in households, you need to do something about it. Update this with an energy saving water system and be sure to pick the most appropriate type for your home.

4. Use energy efficient appliances

Most or your old appliances could also be contributing to your high energy usage at home. From kitchen appliances to home entertainment and computer equipment, it would be good to use energy efficient appliances that help reduce your energy usage and bill. When planning to buy new ones, make sure to check the labels and get those with the best energy rating.

5. Switch to LED technology

While light only accounts for 8-15% of your household’s electricity budget, it still amounts to something. To lower this percentage, first maximise the use of natural lighting. Then for artificial lighting, make sure to use LED lighting solutions. Also use energy efficient solutions such as motion sensing and photoelectric technology for your outdoor lighting.

You can do a lot about your high energy bills and even help save the environment. Start with these five steps above to make your home energy efficient and experience the benefits that this brings.

To schedule an energy audit for your home, call us at Glenco Electrical Services. We have licensed residential and commercial electricians in Sydney who can give you a comprehensive audit, and help with any of your electrical needs. On top of that, we have 24 Hour electricians always available to quickly take care of any electrical emergencies. Get in touch with us today.

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