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The Many Ways to Light up Your Outdoor Space

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A brightly illuminated outdoor space is a great feature you can easily have in your home, and one that an electrician in Bondi, Sydney or Melbourne can efficiently set up for you. But with the many outdoor lighting options available, how do you know which one is the best to use for your home?

Before hiring electrical services to install outdoor lights in your property, you need to know about the different types to use in order to achieve safety, security and beauty in the home.

1. Spot Lighting

These are great for lighting up your pathways, patio, deck, pool, and garden. These lights can help maintain safety in your home especially in the areas mentioned above. With these lights installed, you can easily find your way through your front door, or go for a night swim even with the absence of natural lighting. They also make the use of your patio and deck possible during night time. Having a family dinner out on the deck and receiving guests on the patio is made more pleasant and most importantly, safer, with spot lighting at your property.

2. Security Lighting

Installing outdoor lights can be an excellent way to ward off people with the wrong intentions and establish security at your property. While spot lights can help with your home’s safety and security, flood lights are another option. These are very bright lights that provide illumination to wide areas. These are best installed on rooflines and posts. Most types of flood lights are designed to stay on, but they can be set up with motion sensors to quickly turn on only when someone passes under them or is in the immediate vicinity. When you have security lighting installed in your home, this gives people the impression that every move they make is being watched.

3. Decorative Lighting

Lanterns and lamp posts are great decorative lighting for homes. The use of these dates back to Greek and Roman times, but instead of electricity they used oil or candles. These can easily enhance any space in your home and make it look appealing. The best places to install these are on the outlines of your home, front door, garden and patio.

Lights are an important element of your home that you can’t go without. The effectiveness of these though, depend on how you use them. With the different types of lighting explained above, you should have a better idea on what to install for each area of your home. When installing outdoor lights, remember to entrust the job only to experienced electricians like those at Glenco.

With our professionals handling the set up at your home, you’re assured proper installation and the safety of your whole family. You can then enjoy a home brightly illuminated with the right lights that provide safety and security, as well as enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Get in touch with us for your outdoor lighting needs, or contact our emergency electricians anytime for reliable emergency electrical services in Sydney.

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