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Will your Security Systems need upgrading before 3G shuts down?

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Australia’s 3G network is shutting down, this is what you need to know.

It’s been a feature of phone coverage for decades, but in the coming months, all of Australia’s 3G networks will have been switched off, impacting millions of devices across the nation.

The shutdown began late last year when Vodafone became the first telco to switch off its 3G network, Telstra will follow, with all its 3G services ending on August 31, 2024, while Optus will be the last to shut its 3G doors in September 2024.

Telstra had originally been slated to flick the switch at the end of June, but pushed back its shutdown date by two months in order to give customers more time to update their devices.

How many people will the shutdown affect?

While we don’t know exactly how many people the shutdown will impact, an estimate in 2023 put the number of 3G-reliant devices in Australia at about 3 million – most of which are older ones that have been around for at least five or six years.

These include phones, EFT machines, cars, tablets and security cameras.

All of them will stop working after the shutdown.

Impact on Security Systems

Security systems that rely on 3G connections for alerts, monitoring, and remote access may face disruptions. As the 3G network becomes unavailable, these systems could lose their ability to communicate, rendering crucial features like real-time alerts and remote monitoring inoperative. This transition underscores the importance of ensuring your security system is compatible with newer network standards.

Upgrading Your System for 4G Compatibility

Upgrading your security system for 4G compatibility is not merely a recommendation; it’s a necessity to maintain uninterrupted service and ensure the highest level of protection. This upgrade may involve replacing or updating cellular communicators in your security devices to ensure they can connect and operate effectively over 4G networks.

Benefits of Upgrading to 4G

Transitioning to a 4G-compatible security system is more than just staying connected; it’s about leveraging the benefits of faster and more reliable network service. 4G networks provide enhanced data transfer speeds and improved network reliability, ensuring that your security system’s communication is swift and efficient. This means faster alerts, better remote access capabilities, and overall improved performance of your security system.

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