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Which is Safer: More Electrical Outlets or Extension Cords?

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Which is Safer: More Electrical Outlets or Extension Cords?

Extension cords can seem like the best answer to the common problem of short power cords. They’re also handy for when you don’t have enough electrical outlets in your home to cover the number of appliances you want to use, but is it a good idea to rely on extension cords over the long term?

While they might be convenient, cheap and easy to use, extension cords and power boards are a common cause of fires and electric shock. In many cases, it’s far safer and more practical to install extra electrical outlets if you find you are relying heavily on extension cords and power boards over the long term.

Here are a few of the problems that come with using extension cords in and around your home:

Extension cords and power boards often deteriorate over time so if they are not replaced frequently it can increase the chances of a fire or electric shock. Replacing your power boards on a regular basis can get expensive when compared to the one-off cost of installing a new electrical outlet.

• When the cord part of an extension cord is covered over by carpets or furniture, there is no place for heat to escape, increasing the risk of fire.

• If appliances with a higher wattage rating than the cord is designed to handle are plugged in, it can impact safety.

• Plugging one extension cord into another to reach an extra distance is a common practice, but it can also be dangerous. Extension cords are only designed to be plugged in to a wall outlet, not another extension cord.

• It’s common to see power boards overloaded with multiple appliances – this can put an unnecessary drain on the power board and potentially cause a fire or electric shock.

Installing more electrical outlets can not only help to safeguard your home, it will also improve its appearance as you will reduce the number of unsightly cords trailing around behind furniture and along walls. Extension cords can also be a tripping hazard, especially if you have young children or older people in your home.

While using a power board or an extension cord can be a good temporary solution, if you have a shortage of electrical outlets in your home, or they are not located in a convenient position, the safest option is to get additional outlets installed. Extension cords are one of the most frequent causes of electric shocks and fires in the home – don’t take any chances with your home and family’s safety.

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