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What is Property Maintenance?

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what is property maintenance

Properties have a range of appliances and utilities that must be regularly maintained to keep functioning. The upkeep of your property is essential for providing a safe and comfortable home for you or your tenants. Property maintenance can improve the satisfaction of tenants and guests and improve the landlord’s reputation.

Glenco has been managing the maintenance of residential and commercial properties around Sydney since 1998. In this article, we answer “what is property maintenance?”, explain its importance and the specific services included.

What is property maintenance?

If you’ve asked yourself, “what is property maintenance?”, you’re likely a property owner, landlord or letting agent. Property maintenance refers to the service performed by a contractor when landlords or agents don’t have the time or tools to maintain the property themselves professionally. Property maintenance is a procedure that includes cleaning, safety checks and repairs throughout a residential building. It may combine routine maintenance, gardening and cleaning with reactive repair works.

As an integral part of managing your facility, property maintenance provides overall protection and upkeep to keep everything running smoothly and maintain the property value. Depending on your property maintenance service provider, they may act as caretakers who are responsible for fixing damages, replacing equipment, and even replenishing supplies used in the property.

Why is property maintenance important?

Property maintenance is important for several reasons and has some great benefits for landlords and agents. It’s an ideal solution for busy homeowners as they can rest assured that their property is being looked after and their tenants are happy. Below we look at why property maintenance is important and the benefits it offers:

Reduces stress and saves time

Using property maintenance services can save you significant time and effort in taking care of every concert that comes with managing a residential or commercial property. It can reduce the stress that comes with letting your property and ensure your tenants are satisfied. If several tenants rent your property, it becomes vital to have a property maintenance team in place to stay on top of any issues.

Managing the maintenance yourself would mean you have to schedule cleaners, maintenance specialists and gardeners and oversee their work. You may also have to supply them with the tools and equipment they need. In comparison, paying a regular fee for a property maintenance contractor can free you of the burden of managing the process if that’s a priority for you.


Maintenance contractors are cost-effective because they have the resources and professionals already in place to look after your property. Hiring separate gardeners, cleaners, and tradesmen to do the maintenance and repairs would cost a lot more than a property maintenance crew. You can also save money on buying tools and equipment to facilitate maintenance, as well as maintaining the high value of your property.

Satisfied tenants

Your tenants will remain satisfied with the upkeep of a property maintenance team as all of it should meet all of their housing or business needs. This can improve your reputation as a landlord, encourage longer-lasting tenants and minimise the amount of time the property is vacant. It can also give you a competitive advantage for prospective tenants looking for a new property to rent.

Maintain your properties value

Another major advantage of using a maintenance contractor is that it upholds the value of your property. By regularly maintaining and cleaning your property, you’ll minimise the wear and tear and maintain its quality for much longer, saving you money in the long run. Regular maintenance can also highlight issues and prevent them from turning into bigger problems.

The professionals that work for maintenance contractors are experienced and knowledgeable in their respective crafts. This means you can expect a higher efficiency and quality of work on your property asset.

What type of services does property maintenance include?

The exact scope of property maintenance varies from one contractor to another, but the typical services include:

  • General cleaning of rooms, windows and exterior
  • Garden and lawn maintenance
  • Painting
  • Drywall replacement
  • Repairs of appliance failures or damages
  • Fixing clogged drowns and power outages
  • Storm clean-up
  • Plumbing and electrical repairs
  • HVAC repair and filter replacement

Property maintenance in Sydney

When deciding to use a property maintenance contractor, there are some factors to consider. If you choose to use a contractor, it’s essential to use a trusted and reputable service provider like Glenco to ensure you receive all of the benefits mentioned in this article. Take time to review prospective maintenance contractors to ensure they’re proficient in handling your property, so you don’t need to worry about it. Want to discuss Glenco’s property maintenance services? Contact us today.

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