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Planning a Bathroom renovation: Your Ultimate Guide

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Planning a bathroom renovation

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? Do you have an endless bathroom inspiration board on Pinterest without the confidence to make it a reality? This article is for you! The most important step in beginning a successful bathroom renovation is thorough planning. Whether you’re just giving your bathroom a little facelift or gutting the entire room, you need to plan it. Planning a bathroom renovation includes research, budgeting and getting quotes. 

At Glenco, we’re experts in affordable, high-quality bathrooms renovations with a ‘wow’ factor! Keep reading to discover our ultimate bathroom renovation guide. 

Planning a bathroom renovation

When planning a bathroom renovation, start by making a list of the changes you’d like to see. This helps you to figure out the scale of renovation needed. You can then begin researching:


What do you like and dislike? It’s important to figure this out when planning a bathroom renovation. You don’t want to make a choice you’ll regret later on! If you haven’t created a mood board yet, we suggest you do that. Use magazines and online pictures to create a board of everything you like. This gives you a visual guide. 

Consider the scale

Once you’ve done this initial research you should have an idea of the scale of renovation you require:

Surface alterations

Is it a simple refresh and facelift? Maybe all your bathroom needs is a thorough clean and a fresh coat of paint? You might also like to purchase some new decorations like candles and indoor plants. This is an effective way of refreshing your bathroom without the cost of a full renovation. You can probably do the entire thing on your own or hire just a painter to help out. 

Gut it and replace

If you are planning on leaving all the fixtures in the same location, this is the next level of renovation. You gut the bathroom down to the walls then install new plumbing fixtures, flooring, vanity and lighting. You can reconfigure the electrics slightly if you wish. For this level of renovation, you may need a plumber, painter and possibly an electrician. 

Alter the layout

This level of renovation is fairly complicated. It involves moving fixtures around, such as the bath or shower. Altering the layout often includes reconfiguring wires and full fixture replacement. You may need a plumber, electrician, painter and possibly someone to help you install all the new fixtures. 

Change the room

This is a large-scale remodel where you change the room footprint. It may include knocking down walls or changing the ceiling. People usually choose this route if they want to increase the size of their bathroom. You will need a full team of tradies to help with this kind of bathroom renovation. 

Choosing amenities

One of the most fun parts of planning a bathroom renovation! Whether you hire an interior designer to help or you’re doing it all on your own. Here is what you need to consider:


When planning a bathroom renovation, consider both aesthetics and functionality when it comes to your shower. Do you prefer a fixed shower head or an adjustable one? You may even opt for something a little fancier like a rain shower. It’s up to personal choice. You also need to consider your shower frame and door. Do you want a closed-in shower or an open concept? 

Toilet suite

This doesn’t sound overly glamorous but there are so many amazing toilets available these days. You may choose a basic model or go all out with a high-tech toilet with all the bells and whistles. You need to consider your bathroom layout and plumbing when making these decisions.


How many sinks do you want? Do you like them built-in or free-standing? What colour tapware do you like? We suggest visiting a bathroom store and checking out all the different options. When you can have the choices in front of you to see and touch, it often makes the decision easier. 


If you’ve decided to install a bathtub you need to choose what type. There are so many beautiful freestanding baths available today. From traditional clawfoot styles to  modern marble options. You can even have the bathtub elevated to make it a focal point of the room. A bathtub can totally transform your bathroom and give it that luxury day-spa feel. 

Quotes and budgeting

This part isn’t so fun, but it is necessary. You don’t want to be hit with surprise costs. When planning a bathroom renovation, make a thorough budget with a contingency plan in case you go over your limit. A budget keeps you on track and gives you a checklist of all the required jobs. You should leave a space for quoting on your budget. As you ring around getting different quotes, simply jot down the details to have all the information in one place. This makes the decision-making process a lot easier. 

Take the stress out of your planning a bathroom renovation

At Glenco, we have been helping Sydney homeowners breathe fresh life into their bathrooms for many years. During this time, we have built a reputation for ourselves as the one-stop Sydney trade company you can rely on. Give us a call to see how we can help make your bathroom renovation dreams a reality!

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