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Is Your Office Prepared in Case of Fire?

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The first thing you notice is a distinct and unusual smell. Seconds later, you see smoke. In a matter of minutes, the entire office is engulfed in smoke and you can barely see in front of you. Your office is quickly going up in flames – the question is, are you prepared for this?

Fires are a deadly combination of dangerous and unexpected. They can happen at any time and can be extremely destructive, especially in an office where papers, lightweight office furniture and many other flammable materials are present. This is why fire preparedness and fire safety in the work place are very important. Business fire safety involves establishing certain safety practices and ensuring that sources of fire in the work place are eliminated. This means having a local electrician check all possible sources of electrical fires.

Aside from having business fire safety inspections, there are many other things you need to ensure fire preparedness:

Fire exits

– Your work place must have at least two, easily accessible exit points per floor, with clear, illuminated signs that can guide people to these exits.

Fire and smoke alarms

– Fire and smoke alarms can give office workers a few more precious minutes to evacuate before a fire spreads; minutes that could very well save their lives.

Emergency lights – When a fire starts, the power in an office building can go off in a matter of minutes, leaving those inside in total darkness. To avoid this hazardous situation, there must always be emergency lights installed. These must also be periodically checked to ensure that they are always functioning properly.


– These can help stop the spread of fire, and even extinguish it.

Is Your Office Prepared in Case of Fire?

Fire extinguishers – There are several types of fire extinguishers fit for different applications. Make sure that the right type and number of extinguishers are placed in your work place, and that everyone is properly trained on how and when to use these.

Evacuation procedures

-Fire drills must be done at least once a year, with properly laid out evacuation routes and an established safe area where everyone must gather after evacuation. Everyone must be made aware of where the exits, alarms and extinguishers are. Identify and establish individuals responsible for certain aspects so that in case of fire there is no confusion as to who is in charge of making decisions and guiding everyone to safety. There should also be persons in charge of headcount.

Emergency numbers

– These include the contact numbers for the fire and police departments, and for an ambulance as well in case anyone is injured. These numbers must be placed conspicuously throughout the office, alongside evacuation plans.

Fire safety in the work place cannot be overstated. To avoid the devastating consequences of office fires, it’s crucial to prepare by securing the items stated above, and contacting a 24 hour emergency electrician in Sydney or in your locality to conduct a complete fire safety audit. In this matter, you can trust Glenco electrical services. We offer a wide range of expert fire protection services, from building maintenance programs to fire equipment testing and monitoring. Give us a call today on 02 9700 9996 and let us help you keep your work place safe from fires.

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