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Are you looking to install or upgrade your CCTV and ALARM SYSTEM?

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Installing an integrated home/property security system is an easy way to prevent unwanted intruders. We have all heard the stories of burglars and how they can track our valuable assets, not just the devices but also anything connected to a shared network in our homes.

If you are a landlord, the safety of your tenants and properties is often of major concern. The good news is that some simple steps can be taken to improve the security of your home and to reduce the risk of breakup or theft.

Our services include:

  • New installation of CCTV cameras, with desktop and mobile app viewing, for your private and or commercial properties
  • New installation of Alarm system
  • Audit of your existing property Alarm system

We can offer you:

  • Back to base monitoring – inclusive of mobile App alerts
  • Additional new sensors
  • Reed switches – arming your doors and windows during the night whilst you are in your property

Five tips for managing
your security system

Take these quick steps to prevent intruder attacks from your property. It’s worth investing in a security system so it can protect your property. Common awareness practices with an efficient security system can help prevent any accidents from happening and ensure the safety of your family and business.

1. Don’t Keep Things On Display

It might be enough to allow burglars to move into the next house without appearing like you have got a lot of valuables that could get robbed. Hold it in the driveway if you have a fancy car. Keep the windows closed at night if you have an expensive television. Not every crime includes breaking and entering. The holidays have become a prime time for package robbery with more online gift shoppers each year. Don’t keep delivery on the doorway for long if you have ordered something costly. If you are worried about your presents getting in the hands of a thief, you have to invest in home security set up with a doorbell, camera, and a smart lock. This helps you to ensure the safe delivery of parcels with just your mobile security app installed. It is an easier alternative for valuable goods to stay at home and far smarter than casualties.

2. Strengthen Entrance Point

The most popular entry points for burglars are doors and windows. Regrettably, window latches are not always effective, and at times quite weak. If you are not satisfied with the function of your window latches, then it is imperative to improve safety by means of locks or keys. It would be best if you didn’t take any risks with your home’s security. It is recommended that the outside doors should be steel or strong wood with a thickness of at least 3/4 cm. Buy locks or burglar-resistant glass, so that your windows can be secured. Just secure them with a metal bar if your home has sliding glass doors or curtains. Naturally, a safety alarm is also helpful. If the system is broken, we recommend one which rings an external service.

3. Maintain Your Top Floor Protected

Although the doors and windows on the first floor may be secured for daily use, we sometimes forget to make sure our access points on the second floor are just as secured. Window alarms, glass break detection, and locks are also essential in order to prevent burglars from trying to enter the second floor of your house. Make sure that at night or while you are out, you must shut the doors and that smart plugs are used to light a lamp so that you can tell if somebody other than you is turning on the lights. The upper portion windows are considered to be the lowest entry point. Although most home security devices provide window detectors that sound an alarm if there is a burglar, and you should take certain steps to make sure it’s not even hit. One is the locks on the windows. These mighty and cheap locks are suitable for use on cellar doors and windows of the first floor and limit burglars from getting access to your building.

4. Add Camera Surveillance

Today’s market provides many great security systems, both indoor and outdoor, which are accessible and convenient for the homeowner. What’s really important is where you choose to install them. The game plans for strategising, arranging, and deploying the surveillance devices are the complete guide to home safety camera deployment. For any house, CCTV is a great choice. Modern-day security companies can compensate for all CCTV upgrades or modifications on shared areas or inside a property’s walls. They propose the best safety options and takes account of your unique and individual requirements. In order to do this, you need a trustworthy CCTV installer. It is imperative to work with products that we know will be reliable and work well for your monitoring and alarm system requirements.

5. Deploy Management Systems And Access Control

Access control devices are usually installed in Sydney’s business premises. It encompasses large and small businesses and many smaller houses. The access control mechanisms provide biometrics, double coded token, and wireless IP-technology fob key credentials. At this point, the protection of your estate is second to none, which enables you to inspect individuals and activity over long periods in your property or assets. In all areas of Sydney, reputable security agencies sell access control services on commercial properties. These are end-to-end systems that integrate with your alarm systems and CCTV surveillance systems that greatly improve your safety. Their expertise in the safety and business sector ensures that when it comes to setting security strategies for your estate, you can rely on their expert advice. Moreover, their access control systems can ensure that your property is as safe as possible.

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