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With back to base alarm monitoring Sydney there’s a direct link from the alarm at your premises to the Security Alarm monitoring centre. This means when the back to base alarm is activated, you get an immediate response from your security company whatever time of the day or night it is.

Glenco Back to Base Alarm Monitoring Sydney

With Glenco Back to Base Alarm Monitoring Sydney can enjoy the feeling of safety and security, knowing our systems and response team are ready to respond to any break in or intrusion immediately, day or night. 

Security alarms are important in cities of all sizes, so in a big city like Sydney, a security system such as a back to base alarm is especially important. Essentially you have someone ‘watching over’ your property at all times. There is no greater peace of mind than knowing wherever you are in the world, your biggest asset and your family’s safety are protected.

A back to base monitoring contract is entered into, and this means that when your alarm system is activated, a monitoring centre is alerted. You can set your own preferences, however usually you’ll be notified of a disturbance within your property when an alarm is activated. From here, even if you are unavailable to be notified, further steps will be taken to check on the safety of your home. A police patrol vehicle can even be called to come and inspect your premises.

Enjoy the ultimate protection and safeguard your home or business around the clock with Glenco Security’s back-to-base alarm monitoring and alarm response patrol services. Glenco have been providing these services over many years. We’re proud to provide peace of mind to our customers with the latest back to base monitoring Sydney technology. 

Benefits of Back to Base Alarm Monitoring

A back to base security system comes with many advantages, which is why Glenco recommends them so highly to our customers. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits they offer.  

Protection 24/7

No matter the time of day or night, your property is being monitored. Not only does this keep any residents on the premises safe, it also provides massive peace of mind for you and your family. Back to base monitoring can be linked into your CCTV system too, so if an alarm trips you can check the premises through your mobile video connection, no matter where you are in the world. Talk to Glenco about these progressive features. 

Deter Criminals

If criminals know there’s a back to base alarm installed at a property, they’re unlikely to consider targeting it. The risks are too great, so they’ll be deterred and look elsewhere. 

Lower Insurance Premiums

A back to base alarm system adds an extra level of protection to your home. Insurance companies will usually look on this favourably and give you reductions on your policy. 

Detect Fires

Back to base alarms can be linked in with your smoke detectors. This means if there’s a fire, a warning will be transmitted to the security base, who can then notify the fire department. This is an extremely important feature, particularly if nobody is home at the time of the fire or if the heat or fumes have incapacitated the residents.


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Dylan was on time, the aircon is now working and he has made some suggestions to improve its operations to Building Management. We are very warm and very pleased.
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Bernard Ryan
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Kal Bushby
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Becky Zhou
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Great service, reasonably priced.
Grant Anderson
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Highly recommend, We used the 24-hour call out service and were extremely happy with the service, work done and price. Glenco will now be our go2 for all future work.
Scott O
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Stacey Dickens
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Second time using Glenco. Reliable, on time and fair price.
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Very good service. Excellent people skills. Professional and very efficient. Would recommend them every time.