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With all of us spending so much time inside and using our air-conditioners more often, we recommend you have your air-conditioner serviced to ensure optimal air quality and system functionality.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic we are spending up to 90% of our time indoors. Now is the crucial time for your AC units to be serviced.

Air filters can attract mould and dust, which hinders their performance. An overlooked service can lead to more serious problems and can increase energy consumption. Therefore, proper maintenance and regular checks are of the utmost importance for your Air-conditioner.

Glenco can help you employ the right strategies to eliminate or minimise the detrimental effects.


Not many people understand why a chemical clean is so important. Here is what we will do for you!

Your Air Conditioning will be properly checked and cleaned with an additional high pressure clean with a biodegradable, non-toxic wash. The wash contains special enzymes that will provide a deep clean of the coils and removes any odour causing materials. This is the most effective clean that will restore the working capacity of your Air Conditioning system.

We propose a comprehensive maintenance which will include the below scope of works:

• Clean return air filter where accessible
• Clean indoor coil where accessible
• Clean condensate drain and flush
• Check/clean outdoor unit based off access off standard 6 foot ladder
• Check water cooled condenser operation
• Check and tighten electrical connections
• Check and note any fault codes
• Check and note operating pressures
• Give supply registers a clean
• Check and adjust controls as required
• Catalogue model number/serial numbers of units
• Operational test on heating and cooling (where available)
• Any further issues that require repairs will be quoted


A modern home can hardly be imagined without some kind of air conditioning or venting system. If you have an old air conditioner, replacing it with a new one is also recommended. Not only that, new air conditioners work better, but they also need less energy to keep your home cool/warm.

Please enquire on our latest air-conditioning technology, featuring smart home voice control and a revolutionary air purifying system.

The introduction of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility to reverse-cycle and cooling-only systems means you can have a smart home system with total climate control and comfort. Voice control can be used for hands-free tasks like turning the system on and off, switching between operating modes, managing temperature settings and more.

Your new AC can deliver more than just cooling or heating solutions. You can benefit from all the ventilation and purification technologies developed to improve your indoor air quality by reducing or removing the invisible nasties in your home, giving you peace of mind in the quality of your air.


When you are choosing your air conditioning system, or you have a faulty unit, you want to make sure you are in the right hands. We work with highly trusted brands and make sure we are comfortable with the quality of all of our work before we leave your property. We can install any brands that you would like in your home or property.

In order for your family to enjoy a healthy and cosy home during the COVID-19 pandemic, call Glenco to service, repair or install your air- conditioning needs.

To enquire or book a job please contact our service team on 02 9700 9996 or email
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