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What’s the best way to keep my air conditioning unit working well?

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What’s the best way to keep my air conditioning unit working well?

Air conditioning units run in the background most times. A lot of us don’t even realise we’re in an air conditioned space unless it’s pointed out to us. Shopping centres, commercial buildings, and offices are spaces which generally run air conditioning most of the time.

However some air conditioning units run better than others. How well your aircon unit is running will depend on how well you are looking after it. The main way to look after your air conditioning system is to get it regularly serviced.

A servicing of your air conditioning system will generally involve:

Outdoor unit

  • check fans
  • check brush coils
  • test elements
  • check error codes
  • check system operation
  • check for any gas/oil leaks

Indoor unit

  • clean all return air filters
  • test unit on heating/cooling
  • check all grill outlets for airflow
  • check temperature regulation at all outlets
  • check controller operation
  • check for error codes on controller units

You should also receive a full written report from your air conditioning technician with the results of your servicing. This way, you can keep track of the status of your system and ensure it is running at tip top shape at all times.

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