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What to Consider When Setting Up an Entertainment System at Home

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An entertainment system complete with a huge plasma TV, surround sound, and comfortable seating – this is the dream that a lot of families want to have in their homes.

Sometimes though, the home entertainment system that families have in their mind don’t always match what they have in reality. This can be the result of poor preparation. To avoid this, you need to carefully plan for the set-up, and hire professional electrical contractors in Sydney to help you with the installation. Here are the important considerations you need to remember when planning for your home entertainment system.

Floor Plan

The first thing that you should consider is your floor plan. List down all of the equipment you want to fit in the room, then determine if you have enough space for them. Design a floor plan to allocate a space for each equipment by taking exact measurements and not just making rough estimates. Two important things to consider when making your floor plan are: foot traffic and distance from the TV to the viewing area. The TV should not be placed in a corner of the room where people will need to frequently pass, else this will disrupt your viewing experience. There should also be enough space from the TV to the seating area so as not to strain your eyes. Take note that when positioning your TV, it should be at eye level once you’re seated.

Walls and Furniture

Ponder on how you would want to display your TV. Will you be hanging it on the wall or placing it on top of furniture? Either way, you need to check the weight of the TV and other equipment to determine if the wall’s construction and the quality of the furniture can support these. When picking the furniture for this room, also consider who will use it most. If you have kids, make sure the furniture you get is durable and low maintenance.

Circuitry and Wiring

This is the most important part of your planning. Missing something in this area may not only affect your viewing experience, but may also put your home and your family’s safety at risk. Be sure to be extremely careful in preparing for your home entertainment room’s wiring requirements.

Among the important things you need to consider are: available power circuits, types of cables needed and their required length, and whether or not you would need a dedicated power line. Don’t forget to get a surge protector to safeguard your equipment from power outages. If you want to regulate your power, you may also want to get a line conditioner.

To ensure that every electrical component of the room is running properly, get electricians to check your home entertainment system. You can even hire professionals to install everything for you. This way you are assured of your electrical safety. You should always have the contact details of your emergency electrician ready though in case of untoward incidents.

In carefully including these considerations in your planning, you’re one step to having a home theatre system that you truly can enjoy.

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