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What should you do when your power goes out?

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There are a few steps you should take if and when your power goes out. These include:

  • Firstly check with the neighbours if they have also lost power. This will give you an indication about whether the problem may be within your property alone, or an issue with the electricity supplier. If your neighbour has also lost power, it is likely the issue is with the supplier. Use your smart phone to look up your electricity supplier’s website or social media. It is likely they will have updated these platforms with areas that are experiencing an issue and give an indication of how long until your power should be back on. You can also give them a call. Just because your neighbours power is on doesn’t necessarily mean there is not an issue with your electricity provider. We still recommend you call them or check their status online as power may be out in the area.
  • If you find you are the only property in your area without power, your first step is to make sure you have a source of light (either keep a torch handy at all times so you can easily find it in the dark, or use the light on your phone).
  • Next is to check your switchboard for tripped circuits. Try flicking on your circuits. If they don’t come back on and stay on, it’s time to make a phone call to your local electrician; call Glenco.

Don’t panic when your power goes out. Your local 24 hours emergency electrician in Sydney (Glenco!) are never far away. You can always give us a call on 02 9700 9996 to ask what to do, and what steps to take.

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