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What does a burnt out PowerPoint mean?

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A burnt-out PowerPoint can be sudden and unexpected which results in it not being able to be used. Often from old age or continuous use, a burnt-out PowerPoint can cause many different side effects. Therefore, replacing them is more than likely the safest and effective method to deal with them. Glenco Electricians are able to safely install new PowerPoints into any building. Additionally, our electrical safety inspection services can help with identifying if all PowerPoints in the building are safe.

With having a general lifespan of over 20 years a PowerPoint can burn out from wear-and-tear factors. Being used so many times can cause the PowerPoint/switch to become progressively damaged leading it to no longer work. There are also multiple side effects apart from not being able to be used, such as sparks and cracks forming.

Issues Related to Burnt Out PowerPoints

PowerPoints Sparking

When PowerPoints are used frequently, especially those that are always left on, chances are they may burn out quicker. Also, removing an appliance from the PowerPoint while it is still turned on will cause more damages to the PowerPoint.

The model of the PowerPoint can be to blame, possibly a cheaper design, which is more prone to shock. As well as being burnt out, a faulty wiring system may lead the PowerPoints to shock.

Loose Connections with PowerPoints

When the plug of an appliance slips out easily, wobbles or inserts not all the way, the burnt-out PowerPoint may have a loose connection. The connections are likely to be old or damaged which means the PowerPoint will need to be replaced.

Only One PowerPoint Does Not Work

One PowerPoint which does not work properly may be because the PowerPoint is burnt out or have a fault. When suspecting that the one PowerPoint does not work a simple test can be carried out. Plugging an appliance in another PowerPoint and seeing if it works then back to the broken one can determine if it is damaged. If it is faulty, replacing the burnt-out PowerPoint is the only option as it is just the single one.

Lights work but PowerPoints will not

If the lights work but certain PowerPoints fail to work then it may have been tripped/ burnt out from a faulty appliance. To resolve this, unplugging the appliances connected to the circuit and resetting the safety switch can help. However, if this fails to work then replacing the PowerPoint which is not working or upgrading the safety switches system is needed.

When is it Best to Upgrade a Burnt Out PowerPoint

Similar to when PowerPoints being burnt out and causing specific issues, there are some specific factors which result in the PowerPoints needing immediate replacements. For safety and returning the use of a PowerPoint, replacing the PowerPoints is really important. Additionally, it is highly advised and recommended that you engage a licensed and trained electrician to work on burnt out PowerPoints.

Outdated PowerPoints

As mentioned, the general lifespan of a PowerPoint is around 20 years, which means that they will burn out the older they are. Along with being highly risky in causing fires and shock, these outdated PowerPoints need replacing quickly. As a result of the insulation deteriorating more with age, the burnt-out power points are more prone to causing major issues.

PowerPoints Not Functioning Correctly

When loose connections with PowerPoints occur this can lead to them not working correctly and increasing the chance for electrical hazards. Resulting from cracks or loose wiring, the loose connection with the burnt-out PowerPoint can cause shocks. Having an electrician inspect the wiring system and PowerPoints is the safest option to decrease the possibility of hazards.

Burnt Out PowerPoint Covers and Visible Cracks

Cracks forming on the cover of PowerPoints is more critical than it may seem. The cracks being present allow for debris and dirt to go inside the electrical system of the house. As well as not being pleasant to look at, there is a high chance that electrical surges can happen. Therefore, because it is so dangerous it is important that the PowerPoint which has cracks is replaced by a professional.

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