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Welcome to Glenco Electrical’s new site!

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Welcome to Glenco Electrical Service’s brand new website! This site has been months in the making, and we are delighted to now be able to share it with you. In this technological age, Glenco has always prided itself on being leaders in the industry in regards to the service we provide, and the technology we utilise. We hope our website represents us well and you look to us when you need an electrician in Sydney.

In other Glenco news, we would like to welcome Kim, Zoe, James, Andrew, and Clayton to the Glenco team! As we continue to grow, it’s great to have you guys on board.

Now down to the electrical business of the day… Have you ever been told your switchboard needs an ‘upgrade’? What does this actually mean? We recently went to a large property in Double Bay, Sydney. When we attended we found that the switchboard was completely melted. The reason it melted was the fact that there was a leak coming through the roof into the switchboard and no one even knew about it. A completely new switchboard was needed to be built, and new circuit breakers installed. The entire place was without power for over three days because a specific manufactured switchboard was required!

The key is prevention; not to let it get to this stage. And this is why your electrician might tell you that you need a switchboard upgrade. An upgrade usually involves switching over fuses, or circuit breakers (or a combination of both) to safety switches (RCD/MCBs). Why would you want to do this? Fuses are much harder for the house holder to re-establish power in the event of an overload or a fault. To cause breakers or safety switches to trip requires more of a fault, and these are much less likely to cause problems, injuries, and fires.

So back to prevention. How do you know what protection you have? You need a qualified professional Sydney electrician to make this assessment for you. At Glenco, we always carry out a free safety and efficiency audit on your property when we attend. This way, if there are any risks, we know they are minimised and bigger problems are prevented in the long term, saving you money, not to mention stress, heartache, injury, and damage to your property.

Call us today to book your free safety and efficiency audit – 9700 9996!

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