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Types of Building Maintenance: What You Need To Know

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Types of Building Maintenance What You Need To Know1

Buildings require appropriate maintenance to remain safe and functional. Untrained staff may be capable of tasks like replacing worn flooring or filters in heating and cooling systems, but anything more advanced than basic chores requires adequate training and experience. In fact, specialised skills, such as electrical engineering or experience with heating and cooling systems, are sometimes required. Even a modest property will likely require a team of maintenance workers skilled in different areas.

Some routine tasks such as painting exterior surfaces need at least some specialized knowledge. For example, timing a paint application and sealer so they dry correctly makes a big difference in the results. Something that might seem simple, like replacing a malfunctioning air conditioner, requires working knowledge of the mechanisms involved to avoid costly — and potentially dangerous — errors, such as puncturing a cooling system and causing a refrigerant leak. Knowing how to avoid problems can be as important as knowing how to solve them.

Predicting problems and addressing current needs

Considering the typical types of upkeep, repair, and maintenance any building eventually needs can help you plan. A building in an area that experiences cyclones, for instance, will dictate preparedness measures. There are many things to consider, so it’s best to examine the needs of the property and any potential problems which may be predictable. By doing this you can decide what types of building maintenance might be appropriate ahead of time. 

There are different ways of looking at the various categories of work, knowledge, and tools involved in building maintenance. Various experts are likely to order them differently but, generally speaking, maintenance tasks can be broken down into the following broad headings. 

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance has other names such as protective, routine, or scheduled maintenance, but the types of building maintenance in this category are similar. All buildings and facilities require a certain amount of basic upkeep to stay presentable, safe, and clean. 

Maintenance of this type may be carried out by workers without specialised training, but soft skills such as attention to detail, communication, and problem-solving are absolute requirements. 

Performing regularly scheduled inspections is the cornerstone of a preventive maintenance program and arguably the most critical part of building management. Ensuring adequate fire safety measures are in place is just one example. In addition, maintaining necessary equipment helps avoid unplanned repairs, which can be quite expensive. Carrying out regular inspections can uncover structural issues, and a seasonal repainting schedule can prevent environmental damage to exterior surfaces. 

Failing to understand the importance of this kind of maintenance will force you to take a reactive approach, which costs time and money and can negatively affect all areas of your business. 

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive — or unplanned — maintenance involves taking care of unforeseen events like a water main break that may have been preventable. This type of building maintenance can, under many circumstances, also be called emergency maintenance. In the best-case scenario, emergencies are inconvenient. In the worst, they’re life-threatening.

Broken windows often need immediate replacement to prevent environmental damage, or an undetected water leak that suddenly causes a wall or part of a ceiling to collapse will need to be addressed immediately. The types of building maintenance that can offset these challenges will differ depending on other circumstances but need to be carried out.

This is where the importance of preventative maintenance becomes more readily apparent. Even something like arranging for the replacement of a large sheet of glass at an inconvenient time has the potential to be an expensive undertaking, and failure to get it done quickly and correctly can cause a cascade of problems.

Plan ahead, and have a list of emergency repair contractors or companies you can rely on. 

Cosmetic Maintenance

Chiefly concerned with maintaining a building’s finished appearance and cleanliness, this kind of maintenance is needed to keep a building looking presentable. Failure here can also be quite expensive — keeping a property looking its best also ensures safety and profitability, and the work of a well-trained janitorial crew can spot issues before they become costly surprises.

Cosmetic maintenance may be required due to other kinds of work and can be regularly scheduled in most cases. The occasional emergency will require cosmetic or restorative care, and having reliable staff on-call can make a considerable difference. A water leak, for example, may require that part of a building to be cleaned and repainted or recarpeted, and having someone on call who can handle that may become important.

Specialised or Expert Maintenance

This type of building maintenance requires expertise or training beyond the scope of everyday work. Specialized staff may be called to repair heating and cooling systems, most electrical work, some plumbing work, and anything involving structural issues.

This kind of work must be scheduled, as it usually requires materials or components that aren’t typically kept on hand and must be ordered. Though emergencies may require specialised staff to be resolved, most problem situations can be stabilised right away without expert knowledge.

Why Building Maintenance Is important

A poorly maintained property can be dangerous for anyone working or living there, and even something as minor as an uneven walkway can result in serious injury. Regular maintenance not only ensures safety standards are met; it keeps a property profitable over time.

It’s more cost-effective to ensure building maintenance services are handled proactively. Urgent repair or replacement of equipment will always be more expensive than ensuring the kind of regular maintenance necessary to prevent it. It is also easier to budget for and should not be overlooked.

Maintenance service staff will help save money over the long run and contribute to property values and general profitability.

Professional Building Repair and Maintenance Services in Sydney

Making sure you have skilled and knowledgeable professionals you can rely on is a critical part of ensuring the success of a property and the safety of its staff and guests. Whether residential or commercial, you can depend on our professional team for all your needs, around the clock and every day of the year.


Proper planning and expertise are required to ensure a property is safe and functional and to guarantee its continued profitability. Having the right people on your team to carry out the various types of building maintenance that will be needed over time is the best way to safeguard your success and protect your investment.

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