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TV by Candelight: Emergency Electrician Sydney

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“What if we didn’t have electricity? Would we be watching TV by candlelight?”

However funny, this statement not only emphasises just how important electricity is to our everyday lives, but also highlights the numerous parts of our day that are completely reliant on our use of harnessed electricity. How would you be reading this now? How would virtually anything we use most of our day function? How would we get anything done?!

It is a scary thought. We are tremendously reliant on the smooth running of all the electrical applications around us. Living in a city like Sydney, electricians are a necessity. The responsibility they take on for keeping our lives going often goes unnoticed. And it is usually only in those urgent situations; those emergencies, where we appreciate those 24 hour emergency electricians in Sydney the most.

At Glenco, along with the other electrical services we offer, we deal with a wide range of emergencies every day. Everything from rushing out to stop people getting electric shocks off of their appliances, to acting in conjunction with Fire and Rescue New South Wales in the event of fires on switchboards. In this scenario, we go through the whole process, from the initial call out to the urgent situation, for which we understand the necessity of arriving onsite extremely promptly, to rebuilding and rewiring the damaged property’s switchboard, and restoring power.

When Should You Call an Emergency Electrician?

Some other scenarios when you find yourself in dire need of a Sydney emergency electrician might be a water leak (an electrician needs to attend to disconnect any effected lights or power points), or even WH&S issues like an area being left dark at night due to lights not working, causing a tripping hazard. Obviously there’s also the dreaded complete loss of power to your whole property, a situation which we at Glenco deal with every day, multiple times a day. With over 25 years’ experience helping people in these exact situations, Glenco’s emergency electricians understand the urgency, care, and professionalism required in an emergency that makes it possible for us to mobilise our team anytime, any day, and get there when you need it.

Here are some tips on what to do, and what to keep around the house in the event of an urgent electrical situation:

Don’t panic.

Keep torches and candles around the house.

Check with your neighbours and neighbouring properties if their power is out too – it might be an issue with your whole area and power authorities will already be working to rectify the issue.

Don’t panic about the food in your fridge – do not open the fridge and it should stay cool for several hours without the food inside spoiling.

Ensure you have a generator in place for any medical equipment and/or machines that must be kept running.Contact us for more info.

Also consider surge protection for your switchboard which protects the premises and appliances from surges/spikes that would result from storms and other potential anomalies.Contact us for more info.

Conduct annual safety and efficiency inspections on your property to prevent potential issues. Glenco provide these for free annually for our Glenco Rewards Club Members. We also include them on every site visit complimentary.

And of course in the event of an electrical emergency, call Glenco, your 24 hour Sydney emergency electricians! (02) 9700 9996, 24 hours a day, for a safe and fast solution!

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