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How Your Electrician Can Help You Lower Your Power Bills

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Reduce Your Energy Bill

Many households have been feeling the pinch from increasing electricity bills over the past few years. If “turn off the lights!” is a common refrain in your home, there are ways to decrease your electricity bill – and your electrician can help. Here are five simple steps you can take to help alleviate the power-bill shock.

How Your Electrician Can Help You Lower Your Power Bills

1. Energy efficiency audit

If you are a bit perplexed as to the reason for your high bills, you can arrange an inspection and audit of your energy use by a qualified electrician who can help identify areas of key expenditure and wastage, and provide recommendations on solutions. Our electricians regularly conduct these audits for customers from Bondi to Sydney.

You can also arrange for a review of your electrical contract, and obtain advice on whether you are with an electricity provider whose tariffs meet your specific needs.

2. Installation of LED light bulbs

An inexpensive and simple solution is to have your electrician replace your incandescent light bulbs with LED lights. Previously more expensive than the traditional light bulbs, technological advances have pushed the price down. And, according to the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, LED globes are four to five times more energy efficient.

3. Review your appliances

Arrange inspection and testing of your existing appliances and whitegoods – an electrical item in poor condition can use more energy and be more expensive to run than a new item. Consider purchasing new energy efficient whitegoods and electrical items. If you are confused about energy efficiency ratings and what they mean, or need advice on the type of appliance most suited to your situation, consult with your electrician. It’s also a good idea to have your electrical system itself inspected for safety, before you have need of an emergency electrician.

4. Ask the experts for help

When it comes to electrical services, make enquiries as to what products are available to help you keep your electricity usage as low as possible, such as thermostats which efficiently control the temperature in your home or office. Consider replacing your old hot water system with a solar system.

5. Get smart

Obtain a quote from your electrician for automating your electrical system. Imagine the savings that could be achieved through a system which automatically switches off lights in empty rooms, or turns off the air-conditioning when a certain temperature has been reached.

Being proactive about saving on your electricity bills – and at the same time helping the environment – simply makes sense. Consult an experienced licensed electrician today for tips and tricks on how you can work together to do just that.

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