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How can I save energy and money on my power bill?

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How can I save energy and money on my power bill?

Saving energy on your power bill is a priority for a lot of homeowners. But the best way to save power on your bill is actually through using multiple methods in your home. Below are some of the ways in which we would recommend you save energy and put more money in your pocket!

Replace lamps to led

LED lighting has many advantages. It is cost effective in two ways. LED is cheaper to run as it uses less energy and thus your power bill goes down. It is also low maintenance which means you save on globe costs as you have to replace LED bulbs much less often than other kinds of globes. Not to mention there’s the time saving element of not having to worry about bulb changes as often.

Another way to save on your bill is to get your hot water system switched to off peak.

Depending on the set up of your electrical system, this can be switched over by a level 2 electrician. You could also use time clocks which mean your hot water is only being used during certain hours of the day which you specify. Instantaneous hot water systems are an even better option. They don’t heat up constantly, but rather instantly heat when you start using the hot water out of your tap. This saves a heap of energy as opposed to having your hot water system working overtime all the time to stay hot.

Installing sky lights

Sometimes this one can be difficult in an existing home, but for a new home or renovation, installing sky lights to reduce lighting use is a great idea. This way, you’re taking advantage of the natural sunlight during the day, rather than having to switch lights on during these hours.

Ceiling fans are a great alternative to running your air conditioning all the time during summer. Ceiling fans can be relatively inexpensive to have supplied and installed by your local Glenco electrician. They look stylish and you can even get them supplied with a light built-in, and a remote for added convenience.

Pool Pump Timer

Making sure your pool pump timer is running at the shoulder/lower peak times is very important to keep electricity bills low. This can be done by timers and having your meter billed as time of use.

If you follow all of these tips, you’re sure to end up with a lower bill and savings for you and your family.

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