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Are your smoke alarms photoelectric?

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As seen recently on Channel 9’s “60 minutes”:

Our Electrical contractors in Sydney are able to make the switch to photoelectric smoke alarms for you.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are mandatory in all public spaces in NSW, however most Australian homes have Ionisation alarms installed. So, what’s the difference?

An Ionisation smoke alarm detects odours. This means that when you are cooking, or cleaning, the alarm may be activated by these strong smells. The difference is that Photoelectric smoke alarms detect particles in the air, and elements that can be seen by the eye.

To prevent false alarms, it is common for people to disconnect their Ionisation alarms to stop nuisance sounding.

Whilst the cost of photoelectric alarms may be slightly higher, the price you pay is cheap for the precious minutes you gain to evacuate yourself and your family during a deadly house fire. Additionally, you need to ensure your alarms are hard wired or lithium style as battery operated smoke alarms are not approved to be installed in homes according to the Building Code of Australia.

There’s nothing more important than you and your family’s safety within your own home. Organise to have your smoke alarm type checked by Glenco today for only $49.50. We will let you know what you have installed in your home.

To book your qualified local electrician, give Glenco a call on (02) 9700 9996.

A majority of Australian homes have Ionisation smoke alarms installed. For only $49.50 Glenco will check if your smoke alarms are Ionisation or Photoelectric, AND do a FREE safety and efficiency inspection of your electrical system.

If we find your alarms are Ionisation, we will replace these with PHOTOELECTRIC smoke alarms for only $199.00 per detector and only $99.00 for any additional detectors*.

*If we find you have a 240 volt, hard wired, or lithium operated smoke detector installed, we will replace these like for like but in photoelectric style for this price. Ionisation smoke alarms previously installed by Glenco Electrical are still legally compliant, and the installation of Photoelectric smoke alarms is at the owner’s discretion.

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