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A Christmas Fright on a Stormy Night

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The ‘silly season’; it’s called that for a reason. Blinded by the bright sparkle of Christmas tinsel, we have all been known to act a fool around this time of year. Whether it be getting a bit too crazy at the work Christmas do, or eating one too many mince pies, this time of year is often thought of as one of indulgence.

Whilst I don’t want to put a damper on anyone’s Christmas cheer, there is always a bit more to worry about this time of year. The amount of break ins is at its highest*, driving under the influence becomes a more common occurrence on the roads, and energy consumption is at a high. Living in Sydney, electricians are within easy reach, but you always have to be sure the Sydney electrician you choose is one whose experience and knowledge will lead to the best choices for you and your family over the festive season.

Sydney’s volatile weather has already seen one of New South Wales’ worst ever storms with the fasted winds ever recorded in the state. Over the past couple of weeks there has been a rise of electrical storms, so the risk of a power surge, voltage spike or lightning strike is forever increasing. Last week alone we had 11 lighting strikes in the Eastern Suburbs like Bondi, and there were 2 lighting strikes yesterday in Beecroft whilst one of our electricians was working at a nearby home.

The electrician recommended that client install surge protection to get them out of danger, and this client went ahead to ensure their home will now be protected against the unexpected surges these lightning strikes would cause, endangering their TV system, home appliances, laptops, and more.

Unfortunately Mother Nature is not as forgiving as we’d hope someone to be around this festive time of year. The electrical storms look like they’re going to keep on coming, and it is important to make sure your home and appliances and safe over the stormy summer period. Surge protection is the answer to protecting electrical equipment. A surge can literally blow these essential and expensive appliances apart. A surge protector installed on your switchboard is insurance against something like this happening to you.

Give us a call to have surge protection installed on your home’s electrical system and to find out more information.

*Glenco Security and Alarms provides solutions for your home safety. Get in touch with us to find out about our Security and Alarms division.

Written by Lara Vandersluis

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