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7 Questions to Ask Your Electrician Before Hiring Them

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Need help with faulty wiring? Maybe you need a power point fixed, or just want a thorough inspection of your property to make sure your electrical system is in working order? Before hiring the first local electrician you come across, it is important to make sure you will be working with someone who has the expertise to fix your problem.

At Glenco, we want the best for you. So we’ve compiled 7 important questions to ask your electrical contractor before hiring their service:

1. Do you have a licence?

Home and business owners sometimes forget to ask specialists if they have a licence. In New South Wales it is strictly prohibited for an electrician not to have one. If your electrician is working for a company, then ask about the company’s background and permit. This is also a good time to inquire about experience. Reliable companies, like Glenco, always make sure each of our electricians are fully licenced and capable of handling different types of electrical jobs and all types of electrical situations.

2. Do you have an hourly rate?

All electricians work at a different pace. You may think that this pace would not alter very much. However it can. Often one electrical contractor will work a lot faster than another, just like in a kitchen one chef might work a lot quicker than another. Therefore when you charge by the hour, you are actually paying a different price depending on the contractor that you get at your job. And there is no way to know exactly how quick or how slow your electrical contractor works until you’ve been charged by the hours they are there.

Additionally, sometimes the quickest job isn’t necessarily the best. When you do not charge hourly, you are able to take time on the job for quality, without someone watching the clock and putting pressure on the electrician because of time (money) restraints. When a job is not charged hourly, but instead up front and based on the task being completed, then everyone pays the same price, regardless of how long the work takes.

3. Do you have liability insurance?

If you hire an electrician to work on your property, then this is a very crucial question to ask. Of course, top contractors will make the safety of your home or office their top priority. But sometimes, accidents happen, so it is always a good idea to make sure your electrician is fully insured and you are protected as well.

4. Do you work live?

No electrician should ever conduct electrical work while the circuit is live. This is for the contractor’s safety as well as yours. As part of Glenco’s “no live work” policy we need to isolate all power to the area we are undertaking electrical work on. When it is necessary for an entire premises to have power shut off, we will provide shutdown notices for the building. In these cases, generally lifts will not be affected because they come from the essential services section of a switchboard.

5. What is your area of specialisation? Or, what are the services you offer?

There are jobs that require specialist electrical contractors so make sure to ask this. For companies like Glenco, we have fully-trained personnel ready to help you with whatever you need, including Level 2 Authorised Service Providers.

6. Do you have a warranty/guarantee in place?

When working with a company that provides electrical service repair, enquire if they have a warranty or guarantee in place. Some companies will offer a warranty period allowing you to contact them anytime in case unexpected problems arise. At Glenco, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all the work we complete.

7. When can you schedule an appointment?

A reliable electrician is someone who can immediately assist you or schedule a specific date when you require. If someone responds with ‘some time next week’, that should send red flags. You do not want someone who cannot give you a definite schedule. This is particularly true if there is a crisis. For example, if you need an emergency electrician in Sydney or wherever you might be because you have no power to your home, you want to make sure they will attend to your needs as soon as possible. The last thing you want to hear is ‘we’ll be there some time this week.’ You want to know a time frame, and want to know someone will definitely be coming.

Finding the right electrician or electrical contractor to work with is crucial. Even if you might be tempted to go for someone cheap or a neighbour that might have worked on ‘electrical stuff’ back in the day, don’t do it. The safety of your home or office, and sometimes even you and your family’s safety is at stake, so invest and take time to look for the right person or company to work with.

If you need help with any electrical problems, or even fire safety concerns, get in touch with us here at Glenco.

Founded in 1988, we are a company that provides top of the line electrical services to various commercial and residential premises. We also offer 24 hour emergency electricians in the Sydney area for all of your immediate concerns.

Call us at 02 9700 9996. You can also email us or use our contact form for further enquiries.

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