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5 Crucial Electrical Safety Tips to Protect Your Home

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Turning a house into a home involves a lot of different factors. Aside from a warm ambience, personalised furnishings and making memories with loved ones; having a sense of security is an important facet of creating that homely feeling.

A sense of security transforms a house into more than just a structure and can offer you and your loved ones refuge and a place to find comfort. One way of achieving this security is by maintaining electrical safety throughout your home.

Installing appropriate electrical safety measures in your home should never be overlooked. Even simple negligence can cost more than just property damage; it could also endanger the lives of people you love.

To help you keep your family safe, here are five crucial tips to remember:

1. Say NO to DIY Electrical Jobs

Unless you are a trained electrician or a licenced professional, attempting a DIY electrical job on your own home should be avoided at all costs. It is tempting, yes, but not a good idea. On top of that, it is illegal to carry out electrical work if you’re an unlicenced technician.

Countless accidents occur each year due to poor workmanship and, although mishaps may not always happen immediately after the job is finished, the consequences of shoddy electrical work can rear its ugly head in the long run. You could save a few dollars by skipping out on an electrician, but is this worth taking the risk?

At Glenco, we place emphasis on our client’s safety. For projects, we offer a highly-qualified local electrician who can assess and perform routine electrical jobs, such as the installation of smoke alarms or CCTV cameras, to more complicated tasks like rewiring lighting circuits.

2. Call Licenced Electrical Contractors for Electrical Work

Hiring a competent, qualified technician should be your first option if you need electrical work done at home or in your business. From broken switches or sockets to overheating appliances, a licenced contractor can carry out a variety of electrical work and protect your home from serious damage. When looking for an electrician, ask to see their credentials first to confirm that they are qualified and licenced to carry out electric-related work following established safety standards.

3. Install a Safety Switch

Having safety switches won’t replace care and common sense, but installing them inside your home will be a big help. It’s also mandated by law that all new homes carry safety switches as a preventive measure against electric shock. A safety switch works by automatically shutting down your power supply when it detects irregularities in the current, preventing electrocution or other serious injuries.

Here at Glenco, our skilled technicians are trained to install RCD’s or, Residual Current Devices. These are safety switches designed to keep your home and family safe against unusual electrical surges.

4. Get Rid of Octopus Connections

For a long time, authorities and electrical contractors have been reminding homeowners that octopus connections or the use of extension cords to increase the number of outlets at home should be avoided. The reason? Octopus connections are primary causes of building fires.
Where possible, try not to plug high-powered appliances like ovens, heaters and microwaves into extension cords to prevent overloading the circuits. If you only have a few working sockets at home, it is recommended to call our expert technicians to address the issue.

5. Test and Tag Appliances

The process of testing and tagging equipment is common in workplaces, but it can be done on home appliances as well. Its purpose is to measure whether a particular appliance is safe to use. A certified electrician in Bondi  or close to your area, can conduct the inspection and tag the equipment as appropriate, if it passes the tests. If you have a small business, you can also enrol in a test and tag course facilitated by licenced instructors to help you secure your workplace.

A house is not a home unless it conveys a sense of comfort, belonging and security. Make sure to keep your loved ones safe by applying these essential safety measures in your home or business.

At Glenco, your safety is our top priority. With more than 25 years of experience, we’ve worked under one simple principle: to provide you, our clients, with outstanding and expert electricians.

Taking advantage of our services means you can get a 24 hour emergency electrician for those unexpected electrical problems. You can also protect your home and business by using our Fire Protection Services. Our Sydney based electricians can help identify what your property needs to keep fires and accidents at bay. Check out our full range of Electrical Services in Sydney.

It’s time to take an active role in your family’s protection. Call us today at (02) 9700 9996 to speak with a representative from the Glenco team. You can also email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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