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3 Reasons you Should Never DIY Household Electrical Work

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3 Reasons you Should Never DIY Household Electrical Work

Sometimes it can seem like the list of maintenance duties for a homeowner is never-ending. There’s taking care of the garden, ensuring that your gutters are clean (especially during fire season), keeping up your fencing, and much more.

While you can take care of a lot of property maintenance requirements yourself, there are some things that are best left to the experts. This is particularly true in the case of your electrical system.

So in a time where DIY is more popular than ever, why would you go to the expense of hiring an electrician for your maintenance works? Here are three good reasons.

Safety first

For many of us, electricity is somewhat of an enigma. We know that it’s there, we know how it works in theory, but don’t really know what factors can cause dangerous electrical faults and problems.

With other DIY or maintenance tasks, the consequences of a mistake may be relatively minor – ripping up the wrong plant, or perhaps a less than professional paint job. But with electrical issues, the ramifications can be deadly if you electrocute yourself or inadvertently cause a fire.

3 Reasons you Should Never DIY Household Electrical Work

More difficult than it looks

Everybody can change a light bulb, right? So how difficult can it possibly be to undertake your own electrical works? Well, very, actually.

For starters, the specific problem may not be apparent to the untrained eye. It is also actually illegal to do most types of electrical work yourself, beyond changing that light bulb.

Potential hidden expenses and losses

In NSW, any electrical wiring work must be undertaken by a licensed contractor. This applies whether it is a big commercial job or a tiny job rewiring your garden shed.

If you chose to make the dangerous decision and do your own works, you will be exposed to a fine of up to $22,000 – a lot more expensive than any call-out fee!

If there is an issue after the works have been completed, any insurance might also be affected – depending on your policy, your insurer probably will not cover you because the works were not undertaken by a licensed electrician. This could cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Not being provided with a Certificate of Compliance for electrical works can also cause difficulties with selling or renting out your home.

Whether you are trying to revamp your home or fix general issues as they occur, electrical works are likely to feature heavily in your list of maintenance requirements.

In order to avoid excessive costs, inconvenience, and possibly serious safety issues, make sure that you have a licensed electrician in Sydney, or wherever you are based, to undertake all of your home maintenance tasks. It’s also good idea to choose a 24 hour electrician – problems can strike at any time!

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