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10 Business Benefits of Fibre Optic Cables

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10 Business Benefits of Fibre Optic Cables

As we live in a digital world, your business needs to be connected to the internet more than ever for its operations to run smoothly. There may be a lot of ways to connect your business to the internet, but not all of them are equal. A connection to the internet through fibre optic cables could be the solution you need to run your business smoothly.

Since fibre optic utilises light technology, it is currently the fastest internet connection option. Because of this, it would be in the interest of your business to adopt fibre optic internet. In addition to its speed, fibre optic internet offers many other benefits to businesses, which we shall investigate in further detail in the following paragraphs.


Slow internet is the worst. If your company’s internet is slow, your employees will be less productive. Fibre optic cable connection offers up to 100 gigabits per second and could speed up your business’ internet connection.

Cloud Access

Many businesses are now utilising cloud services to store data because this way, data is more secure, versatile, and cost-effective than storing it on physical hard drives. If your business is among these types of forward-thinking businesses, you may require a connection to the internet that is both quick and dependable.

A connection to the internet via fibre optics will enable a fast and uninterrupted connection to the cloud, making it simple to upload, download, access and share data from the cloud. 

Reliability and Durability

Fibre optic internet is more reliable than copper and DSL. Suppose your company uses fibre optics. Electrical signals, magnetic fields, and bad weather won’t influence it then.

Fibre optic internet connections can only be interrupted by physically cutting the cables, which is nearly impossible because they are located deep underground.

Greater Distance, Lower latency, and Less Interference.

Since fibre optic cables provide internet by light, signal loss and latency (transmission delay between two points) will no longer be an issue for your business. This means that even though your business is located far from your service provider, the quality of the internet will not be affected.

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If your business relies heavily on internet connectivity but experiences frequent internet downtimes, the output is significantly affected, and losses are expected. To solve this problem, businesses are advised to use fibre optic networks. Doing so will lead to increased internet speeds, lower latency and fewer interferences with the signal, consequently meaning that your staff’s productivity will increase.


Symmetric Speed

Fibre optic internet speeds are symmetrical, meaning upload and download speeds are identical. This contrasts with other internet connections, which frequently have upload rates that differ from download ones. Your business can save time accessing cloud services, uploading large files (like YouTube videos) and video conferencing when internet speeds are symmetrical.



Unlike traditional cable connections, fibre optic cables are not susceptible to breaches and hackers because the cable would have to be cut to access data transmission. Additionally, it would be challenging to physically cut the cables since internet cables are located a considerable distance underground. Therefore, it is in your business’s best interest to use fibre optic cables for internet connection.


Resistance to Interference

If your company is near or generates high-frequency sounds, you no longer have to worry about electromagnetic interference, which weakens copper cable communications. This is because this form of interference does not affect fibre optic cables.

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Cost Savings

Not only do extended internet outages and interferences result in massive losses for your organisation, but you will still be required to reduce your revenue to cover the costs of repairing internet infrastructure. Your business can avoid such losses if fibre optic internet is used instead of the traditional cable internet. 


Support for HD Video

Fibre optic internet might be a good investment for your company if you do a lot of business using video conferencing, which is a form of communication that significantly depends on the efficacy of a high-speed internet connection.

If your business does not have access to fibre optic internet, your video conferencing sessions will be marred by stuttering voices and distorted images.



Installing fibre optic internet in your business premises will have many benefits, including increasing productivity, security for data, saving on costs, etc.   

Is your internet connection slow? Do you require the installation or repair of fibre cables? If you need help with any of this and more, you can rely on the expertise of our Sydney electricians. 

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