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Why use a bathroom exhaust fan?

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Do you actually need to use your exhaust fan in winter

Do you actually need to use your exhaust fan in winter?

As summer turns to winter we start turning on heaters to keep us warm and closing doors to keep the cool air out. By doing this you are stopping fresh air coming into your home.

You may think that it will save you a bit of money but by not circulating the old, stale air out and replacing it with new, fresh air can lead to potential health issues. This is what an exhaust fan helps to do!

Exhaust fans can be in many areas of your home. Three main places include the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. These fans are strategically placed to remove things like steam, smoke, and odours from these rooms.

So, what do they actually do?

Exhaust fans are mainly located in bathrooms and their main function is to remove hot air from the bathroom and replace it with cleaner, cooler outdoor air. The main functions of the exhaust fan are:

Reduces odours

One of the main functions of an exhaust fan is to remove odours (not always bad smells). Some people can be sensitive to smells like perfume or cleaning chemicals, the exhaust fan will vent the smells leaving you with a fresh and clean air.

Prevents mirrors from getting foggy

When showering have you ever forgotten to turn the exhaust fan on? Your mirror gets foggy right? It always tends happens when you need to do your hair and make up straight after having a shower. Having the exhaust fan on will prevent the condensation build up on your mirror. This will reduce the need to clean off all the dirty hand marks from people wiping away the condensation.

Helps to stop the growth of mould

Warm and damp areas in the home is the perfect breeding ground for mould. Not only is mould not nice to look at, it presents a serious health risk to you and your family. This can be prevented by turning on your exhaust fan when you have a shower and leaving it on 10 minutes after to dry out the area.

Can prevent condensation damage

Condensation is water. Water damages walls. If you leave condensation for too long it has the potential to warp your walls. This damage can go past the plaster and potentially into the structural wooden studs. Your fixtures can also tarnish earlier than their normal life expectancy.

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