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Why testing & tagging electrical equipment is important.

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Does your workplace regularly check the safety of electrical equipment? Safety in the workplace is crucial, so perhaps it’s time to book in a test and tag service.

Testing and tagging the portable appliances in your business is an important safety measure. Here are some reasons why you should have a testing and tagging schedule in place for your business.

1. Duty of Care

As a business owner and manager, you have a duty of care to everyone who works in or visits your business to protect their personal safety while they are on your premises. Testing and tagging the portable appliances used in your business on a regular basis, is part of your responsibility to your team and your customers. Failure to take the necessary measures to ensure your business is a safe electrical environment could result in you being held liable for any damage or injury resulting from an electrical accident.

2. Ensure you are providing a safe work environment

Everyone has the right to a safe environment. Whether you are working in a business, visiting a business’s premises as a supplier or simply a customer of the business, you should be confident that the place you are working in or visiting is safe and that all electrical appliances and equipment used on site are compliant with safety standards and in safe working order.

Testing and tagging is one way as a business owner that you can ensure you are providing a safe working environment. It’s worth also considering safety switch testing and electrical fault loop testing as these tests also assist to keep your business safe from electrical faults. Safety switch testing protects against electric shocks and earth safety checks ensure that all your electrical circuits are working as they should.

3. Keeps your premises safe

Testing and tagging doesn’t just protect the people in your business. It also protects your business premises and your contents and stock. Testing and tagging protects you from having faulty electrical appliances in your business. Faulty electrical appliances can start electrical fires that could cause significant damage to your business – both in property damage, stock and contents damage and loss of trading and future income. Consider testing and tagging an insurance to keep your business safe.

4. Saves YOU money

Testing and tagging your electrical appliances regularly using a reputable test and tag provider can save your business money in the long term. Testing and tagging protects you from costs that could result from an electrical accident or electrical fire. And such costs could be significant. Testing and tagging helps you avoid the direct costs to your business (such as the loss of stock) that would result from such an incident plus indirect costs such as increased insurance premiums and personal injury claims.

Energy bills can sometimes be a major component of a business’s monthly costs. Making sure that all appliances in your business are working correctly and not draining more energy than they need to operate at their optimum, helps keep your energy costs as low as possible.

5. Minimises Risk

It’s always best to minimize risk in your business through prevention. Testing and tagging is one way you can minimize the risk of electrical faults in your business. You also minimize risk when you choose who to do the testing and tagging in your business.

Checking your electrical circuits with electrical fault loop testing also helps ensure that your electrical circuits are operating correctly and as efficiently as possible.

Consider testing and tagging at least once a year as an insurance to keep your business safe.

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