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Top 10 Advantages of Having a Security Alarm for Your Home

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Top 10 Advantages of Having a Security Alarm for Your Home

Did you know that Australia has the 7th highest rate of home burglaries in the world? It’s true. More than 1 in 25 Australian households have experienced a home break-in during the past 12 months, and 12.5% of all Australians have had a package stolen. This is a huge number and a major problem.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to limit the impact of criminals and keep them away from your home and family. At the top of that list – get a high-quality security alarm installer to install a home security system for your home. The protections offered by these systems are massive.  

Crime Deterrence

It’s a simple truth: Home security systems and cameras can frighten off a burglar. After all, if you were a criminal, which property would be more appealing: The one with a security system or the one without one? Having a home security system scares off burglars, but the system itself isn’t enough. You need a system installed in a visible way so that a burglar will be deterred from breaking into your home. This is one of the many reasons that the quality of a security alarm installer truly matters. 

Protection When Out of Town

Home security systems can protect your home when you are out of town. You can set an alarm to alert you if there is any movement. If you get the right kind of camera — one that has been installed by an expert security alarm installer — you can also have motion detection services. This means that you can see and record any time the camera senses movement, thus protecting your home — even when you aren’t in it. 

Protect Your Family

Everyone wants to make sure that their family is protected at all times, and a home security system does just that. By teaching your family how to operate the security system, you can protect your family, even when you are away. You can even teach kids how to use the system, thus ensuring that they can contact the police or fire department, even if something happens to you or another loved one. 

Fire Protection

An integrated security system can do more than scare off criminals: It can be hard-wired into emergency services. If there’s a fire, the system can alert fire services and make sure that they come to your home as quickly as possible before you even have to make an emergency call. This is why home security systems can also serve as an excellent form of fire protection and are one of the best types of smoke detectors.

Minimize Losses

A home security alarm can minimize losses in multiple ways. Not only does it scare off burglars, but it may give you the option of actually interrupting a break-in if you get a notification about an event happening in your house. Furthermore, security cameras can give police critical information about burglars, thus giving you the chance to identify people who broke into your home and potentially affording you the opportunity to recover your valuables. 

Protects Valuables

If you can scare off criminals, your valuables are more likely to stay safe. You can also create customized security solutions. If you have something particularly valuable in your house, you can work with a professional security alarm installer to make sure these items are protected. 

Makes Room for Peace of Mind

Security is always at the forefront of our minds. A security system can help us rest easy, knowing that the people we love and the possessions that truly matter to us are safe and secure. 

Keep Tabs on Kid

If you have kids, you worry about them. However, with a home security alarm, you can know where they are. You can even hook up alarm systems to let you know when certain doors open and close. This means that you can not only make sure that your kids — and only your kids — are in the house but you can know where in the house they are at all times. 

Reduce Insurance Costs

Looking to save on home insurance costs? Good news! A home security alarm that has been installed by an expert security alarm installer will give you a discount on your home insurance costs. This means that the system will pay for itself, and then some!

Useful for Medical Assistance

If there is ever an emergency and you don’t have access to your phone, a home security alarm can literally be a lifesaver. If installed right, they can be hard-wired to medical professionals and dispatch assistance if you need it.


As you can see, a home security alarm has a wide array of uses: They can scare off criminals, help you recover your belongings, and render assistance if you need it. However, any old alarm won’t do. You need an alarm customized to fit your needs and installed by an expert security alarm installer. 

You need the best and most affordable security alarm installer that Australia has to offer. At Glenco, we’re proud of our security services. We offer custom security options to give you and your family peace of mind. Don’t wait another day: Contact Glenco today to book an appointment.

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