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24 hours | 7 days

Sydney in for a soaking

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After our wettest March since 1984, with triple the average rainfall, and the coldest April in 9 years, Sydney is yet again in for some wild weather this weekend. Thursday will see some cloud, with the weather deteriorating into the evening and the rain beginning on Friday. We will see the worst of it on Saturday, with an expected 25mm of rain to hit the city within those 24 hours.

Temperatures won’t be too chilly, remaining around the 20 degrees mark across the three wet days, but the rain will definitely make it difficult to leave the comfort of your bed. They are predicting one month’s worth of rain in three days! Inland New South Wales will see the worst of it though, with up to 100mm set to fall in some regions. So enjoy today’s sunshine while you can!

This weather usually brings along with it thousands of emergencies in homes and business throughout the state. It is a busy time for our State Emergency Service, and also for your local electrician. At Glenco, we are well prepared for weather events such as this to make sure that if your home or business is affected, we will have you back up and running in no time. Keep our 24 hour emergency electrician number 02 9700 9996 handy and someone will be available to take your call anytime of the day or night.

At Glenco we have learnt over 29 years how to prepare well for large scale wet weather events. After all, water and electricity do not mix well! The kinds of emergencies we are often are called out to in these events are;

– Water affecting an electricity circuit

– A water leak coming through a light fitting (you need an emergency electrician to make sure the area is safe, and disconnect the light. Once the leak has been fixed we will usually need to come back to re-connect the fitting)

– If power lines are down (you may need our Level 2 Authorised Service Provider for this service)

– Damaged outdoor lighting and power points

– Faulty safety switches brought about by an earth leakage fault

– A power surge (Glenco can install a surge protector to prevent this from damaging your expensive household appliances)

We hope you stay safe and dry this weekend!

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