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Smart Metering Legislation

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Smart metering before and after

Did you know that energy retailers are rolling out ‘smart’ meters for all commercial and residential sites?

What does this mean for my property?

  • This new legislation will result in all existing non digital electricity meters (80% of Sydney – old black disc ones) need to be upgraded in order to be operational (see link from Fair Trading for more information)
  • The multi tariff options will be cost effective in reducing your energy consumption which old meters can not to.

What is smart metering?

  • Smart metering is digitally based metering where your meters will be managed remotely.
  • The industry is moving towards ‘remote read’ metering that captures off peak, shoulder peak and peak rates.
  • This is to replace existing standard rate meters where an individual would come to site to read your meter.

What are the benefits of smart metering?

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • More accurate readings
  • Be able to monitor usage

Why are they doing this?

To replace outdated existing metering equipment that relies on human resource to inspect.

Is your switchboard compliant, compatible and ready for this change?

  • We can attend your property to carry out a full inspection and provide you with a report and costing to have your property ‘smart metering’ ready in preparedness for the new legislation.
  • To ensure your inspection is thorough and meets legislative compliance you will need to appoint a Level 2 qualified electrician to conduct this inspection.

What happens if you don’t upgrade to Smart metering?

Your meter will be replaced with a new digital meter with out the remote reading option, this means that you will have a flat rate for billing.

For more information please contact our Glenco ASP Electrical Division or 9700 9996.

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