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Smoke Alarm Installation and Maintenance Services

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Smoke alarms are essential in any Sydney home or business. In the event of a fire, your smoke alarm will sound, alerting you to the danger, and providing an essential early warning about the looming danger of the fire. There are a number of different types of smoke alarm and smoke detector, so it can get quite confusing about what type is best for you and your property. That’s where Glenco comes in. We can advise the best smoke alarm solution for your situation, keeping your fire safety at a very high level. 

The Sydney Smoke Alarm Experts

At Glenco, we’ve been providing electrical services to Greater Sydney since 1988. We have the experience, the knowledge and the training to provide all the electrical solutions you need. Smoke alarms are a speciality of ours, and we’ve installed tens of thousands of smoke alarms across Sydney over our decades working in fire safety. Safety is important, so smoke alarm installation and maintenance has to be prioritised in your building. We’ll help you stay compliant and most importantly, stay safe. Get in touch with us now on 02 9700 996

Smoke Alarm Installation Service

When it comes to the smoke alarms in your property, it’s imperative you get a professional to perform the smoke alarm system installation. Glenco has many years of experience in smoke alarm installation, and can advise on the correct system for your property, install it for you and then maintain it and keep you safe over the years to come. There are some choices to think about before the smoke alarm installation. 

Ionisation or photoelectric smoke alarms?

Lithium smoke detectors come in two types – ionisation and photoelectric. Photoelectric smoke alarms are considered the fastest. They work through a small beam of light in the alarm that is dispersed by any small amount of smoke. Ionisation smoke alarms are triggered by small specks of smoke produced by fires being detected, which means they can take more time to sense fires that take longer to reach a larger size. Ionisation smoke detectors are also more likely to cause nuisance tripping so you may be more inclined to disconnect them because of this annoyance. We recommend photoelectric alarms be installed, but ideally you could install both types of smoke detector. 

Interconnected Smoke Alarms

Interconnected smoke alarms are a great option for a large home or property. If one alarm detects danger, it is interconnected to the other smoke alarms in the property, and all of the smoke alarms will sound at once. One alarm can let the others know that there is danger present. Ask your qualified Sydney smoke alarm installation technician at Glenco about what the best options are for your property.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance and Its Importance

Often smoke detectors fail, not because of a technical malfunction, but because the batteries have run out and nobody in the home realises it. Or maybe irritating false alarms cause individuals to disconnect the alarms. In either of those cases, when a fire does happen the smoke alarm won’t work, and the building residents could be in serious danger. 

Smoke alarms can be equipped with a battery system that powers them, or they can also be hard wired into your property along with a battery system that is used as a backup should your power fail. This is a great option since the hard wired alarm will not run out of battery, and has the backup battery so you’re protected 100% of the time. Smoke alarms with lithium batteries can last up to 10 years. 

The importance of smoke alarm maintenance cannot be overstated. We’ve identified three main reasons why it’s such an important feature of property ownership and management:  

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

It’s often the case that the first indicator of a fire in a building is the smoke alarm going off. Their unmistakable high pitched piercing sound will wake up sleeping residents, or generally alert people to the presence of smoke. They can be the difference between a quick response to fire, and a complete disaster unfolding. Maintaining functional, sensitive smoke detectors is your first line of defence against fire, giving you a chance to extinguish the threat and make sure everybody is safe and accounted for. If your smoke detector hasn’t been maintained, you are putting everybody at risk. 

Smoke Alarms are the Law

It makes sense that it’s illegal to not have compliant smoke detectors in a property. Whether you’re a homeowner, tenant or landlord, there are laws in New South Wales that have specific stipulations for smoke alarms. Glenco knows the laws inside out and will help ensure your compliance, and most importantly, your safety. Give us a call today on 02 9700 996 and let’s make sure you’re compliant with the laws and that your building is fire safe. 

Smoke Alarms Protect Your Assets

This particularly applies to commercial properties that are home to large quantities of stock, tools, or even fleets of vehicles and the like. As well as protecting human life, you want to protect your business assets, from office furniture to electronics and supplies. Regular smoke alarm maintenance helps with safeguarding your business assets from fire danger. 

What to Expect in a Smoke Alarm Maintenance Service

Doing an inspection and service of your smoke alarms is not a drawn out job, although it’s very important. If you’re in a residential home it’s completed very quickly, but if it’s a bigger commercial property with multiple smoke alarms it might take longer. The smoke alarm maintenance service normally entails the following: 

  • Cleaning the smoke alarm: there might be a buildup of particles that could interfere with the correct operation of the smoke alarm. Your smoke detector technician will check for this and clean the alarm so functionality isn’t compromised. 
  • Checking operation and battery power: One of the most important things is to check the smoke alarm is functioning as it should. The batteries are also tested and changed if required. Our licensed professionals will be able to ensure you only get high quality brands of batteries used in your smoke alarm. 
  • Giving residents or business owners advice on self checking the smoke alarm. We like to build relationships with our clients, and as your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us we’ll give you advice on your smoke alarm and how to prolong life and effectiveness. 

Fire Safety Sydney Services

Fire Protection is not to be taken lightly, and neither is your safety. Don’t risk being unprotected, and make sure your property is fully fire safe. If you’re unsure of what is needed for your property, give us a call, and we will be able to advise you. The following is a list of the services we provide and can organise to be taken care of for you. If you have any questions or want to book in a job, give us a call on 02 9700 9996. Here is everything we can do for fire prevention services:

  • Emergency lighting test and replacement;
  • Test and replacement of exit/evacuation lighting;
  • 240 volt smoke detectors;
  • Lithium battery smoke detectors;
  • Monitored smoke detector systems;
  • Fire safety audits;
  • Appliance and equipment testing and tagging;
  • WH&S certifications;
  • Maintenance contracts;
  • Fire pumps, doors and blankets;
  • Portable fire extinguishers;
  • Automatic fire detection systems;
  • Early Warning Intercommunication Systems (EWIS);
  • Building maintenance programs;
  • Fire monitoring.

Fire prevention can often be neglected in the home until it’s too late. Fire authorities and fire protection associations consistently urge us to keep smoke detectors and firefighting equipment in the home. If you haven’t listened to them, maybe it’s time to.  Get in touch with Glenco and a fire prevention technician will point out where you should improve in regards to your home’s fire safety.


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On time, right price and did the job quick and cleaned up perfectly
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Very professional experience with Glenco - the whole team is friendly and attentive.
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Very professional and friendly. They were prompt and super friendly. I would highly recommend
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Very customer focussed and good communication leading up to, during and after the scheduled appointment.
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Highly recommend, We used the 24-hour call out service and were extremely happy with the service, work done and price. Glenco will now be our go2 for all future work.
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Have used Glenco many times. Timely, good quality service.
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I have had a few jobs done by Glenco Electrical and I am very pleased with their work. They arrive on time and clean up afterwards can highly recommend this company
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Second time using Glenco. Reliable, on time and fair price.
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Very good service. Excellent people skills. Professional and very efficient. Would recommend them every time.
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I have been overjoyed to find an electrical company that was reliable, timely, and who carried out the work required to a very high standard. My technician was very personable (clearly loves his job) and exact with the installation, so that the range hood and downlights look great. What a treat!