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Over the past few years we’ve seen huge growth in the amount of LED lighting installed in properties around Sydney. This technology  has been a real benefit to countless homeowners who have had it installed in their homes or buildings. LED lights look great, aesthetically better in many ways than previous options. There are a number of attractive lighting options to choose from when you change to LED, and our team will be able to walk you through them. 

There is no real downside to installing LED lighting in your home. Not only do you save money on your bill, and on globe costs, you also save time by not having to change light bulbs. Even if your home is tenanted, your occupants will very much appreciate the upgrade, and it adds a factor of appeal should you consider selling your home. 

Choose the Experts for Your LED Installations

Having been providing electrical lighting installations since 1988, you know Glenco are the right choice for your LED lighting installation electricians in Sydney. We have over 33 years of experience in lighting and other electrical services, and are a tried and trusted Sydney provider.

LED installation can go seriously wrong if you try and do a DIY job on it. We’d always recommend having your lighting changed over by a professional LED electrician in Sydney. When something is done right the first time, it saves you headaches and costs down the track. Get Glenco in to take care of your LED lights and you can be assured of many years of trouble free use from them. 

Having installed tens of thousands of LED lights over the years, Glenco are the right choice for Sydney  installation, there’s no doubt about it! Give us a call on 02 9700 9996 to switch to LED today.

The Benefits When You Upgrade to LED Lights

Whereas the focus was on halogen downlights in the past, homeowners and business buildings across Sydney have switched to LED lighting as a better alternative. Halogen lights produce a lot of heat, use plenty of energy and are difficult to change. LED downlights make life a lot simpler, presenting multiple benefits in comparison. Here are some of them.

LED Lights are Energy Efficient

One of the main advantages of LED downlights is they’re extremely energy efficient, meaning you enjoy solid savings on your power bill over time. They can be up to 75% more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs normally found in our homes. This means reduced costs for you, plus huge potential for energy savings across Sydney, Australia and the planet. 

LED’s are Durable

Thanks to their components and the way they create light, LED lights are far more durable. The average LED light can provide 50-100,000 hours of operation, which is much longer than normal bulbs. Because they require less replacing, you save on time spent replacing the bulbs, the stress of having light bulbs go out and of course the financial cost of replacement bulbs. 

LED’s are Safe for the Environment 

LED’s are much better for the environment than traditional lights like fluorescent or mercury vapour ones. This is because there’s no mercury contained in LED lights like there is in some other lights. That means if they smash there’s no danger of mercury poisoning. Also they dont require special handling at the end of the product’s lifespan. 

LED Lights are Brighter

LED lights offer more lumens for the same amount of watts when compared to other bulbs. They also have a lot of flexibility, being easily dimmable and coming in multiple levels of brightness. 

Improved Safety with LED’s

Emission heat is the biggest safety issue when it comes to lighting. LED’s emit electromagnetic energy as light when heated, rather than heating a filament to a temperature that produces light. This means the temperature that LED’s operate at is significantly lower than other bulbs. This lower radiated heat makes them a much safer alternative to traditional bulb options. 

LED’s Produce Instant Light

The second you flip the switch, LED lights operate at their full capacity. There’s no wait time for them to warm up. Also, frequently switching on and off LED lights doesn’t cause any degradation of the product. 

If you’re considering making the switch to LED lighting, Glenco knows you’re on the right track. Not only will you move into the future and be at the forefront of technology, you’ll enjoy lower energy costs, less maintenance and a generally more stress free lighting experience. If you want to have a chat about LED lighting and the benefits it can bring to your home or business, give us a call on 02 9700 9996 and one of our technicians can answer any questions. 

Things to Keep in Mind with Your LED Lighting Upgrade

LED’s are the way of the future, and by installing them in your home you’re keeping abreast of the latest technology and enjoying all the associated benefits of that. There’s an LED light option for nearly every kind of light these days, from downlights to ceiling fans. Whatever the aesthetics of your home, we can find an option that fits in and complements your interior decorating. Enjoy an LED lighting upgrade today. 

We would never recommend DIY electrical work. There are too many hazards involved, plus incorrect installation could negate the benefits of LED lights. A licensed electrician should be the one to replace your lighting.  Give the Sydney electrical services experts at Glenco a call on 02 9700 9996. We’ve completed thousands of lighting upgrades across Sydney, so you know your job is in safe hands. Contact us today and discuss your LED options. 


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Natasha Skewes
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I would like to thank Glenco for their wonderful customer service, from quoting through to installation of my air conditioner, the process was seamless. I would especially like to thank your technicians Shareen and Liam. They were efficient and very quiet, but most importantly they left my home cleaner than it was when they arrived. I would highly recommend this business, well done Glenco.
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Shareen and Keenan installed a new ducted AC for our house. They were on time, professional and cleaned up after. The installation went very smooth and we are extremely happy with the result; just in time for summer! Nathan Farr from the electrical team came and ran the new AC circuit. He was very friendly and communicative of how he was going to run the cabling and it was all done in a very neat manner. Thank you team! I would highly recommend Glenco and will be using them again in the near future!
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Janelle as first point of contact was so helpful and always available to update me with the timeframe. Brad also sent updates. Rhys the technician, even though he didn’t quote for the job, knew exactly what needed to be done, so great communication from Michael. Im very happy with the finished job. Thank you Rhys and the rest of the crew at Glenco.
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Glenco were very responsive to my request and booked my job immediately. Communication and updates were effective. Rohan (Glenco technician) effectively completed installation of five ceiling fans. He maintained social distancing and wore a mask the whole time and cleaned up when the job was complete. He was very professional and I would recommend his services in the future.
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Dylan was on time, the aircon is now working and he has made some suggestions to improve its operations to Building Management. We are very warm and very pleased.
Mark Fox
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On time, right price and did the job quick and cleaned up perfectly
Bernard Ryan
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Very professional experience with Glenco - the whole team is friendly and attentive.
Henry Outtridge
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Very professional and friendly. They were prompt and super friendly. I would highly recommend
Kal Bushby
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Very customer focussed and good communication leading up to, during and after the scheduled appointment.
Becky Zhou
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Great service, reasonably priced.
Grant Anderson
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Highly recommend, We used the 24-hour call out service and were extremely happy with the service, work done and price. Glenco will now be our go2 for all future work.
Scott O
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Have used Glenco many times. Timely, good quality service.
Stacey Dickens
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I have had a few jobs done by Glenco Electrical and I am very pleased with their work. They arrive on time and clean up afterwards can highly recommend this company
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Second time using Glenco. Reliable, on time and fair price.
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Very good service. Excellent people skills. Professional and very efficient. Would recommend them every time.
Joan Wood
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We are very pleased with the work that has been done on our balcony. It is great! Your contractors were efficient, courteous and professional. We would like to thank you again for the up to date communications. They have been so helpful for us.
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Nathan was brilliant! Our electrics were damaged by the storm. Nathan was prompt, thorough and ensured our home was safe after a big storm. He was reassuring of our safety, fixed the problem, and helped guide recommendations of what to do next.
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I have been overjoyed to find an electrical company that was reliable, timely, and who carried out the work required to a very high standard. My technician was very personable (clearly loves his job) and exact with the installation, so that the range hood and downlights look great. What a treat!