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Did you know that halogen downlights consume a crazy amount of energy?

Led Downlights and Halogen

Did you know that halogen downlights consume a crazy amount of energy?

LED Upgrade Offer

  • Replace existing 90mm halogen lights with new LED lights
  • White only
  • Minimum of 4 LED lights
  • $60.00 including GST per light supplied & installed

What Are Halogen Downlights?

Halogen downlights were very popular in the ’90s and early 2000’s. Although they are a very white, bright light and are excellent at highlighting specific features in your home, they have a number of major drawbacks.

If you want to identify a halogen downlight you need to turn your lights off and look in the centre of the bulb itself.

If deep in the centre you can see a small cylinder, and there is a cone-shaped reflector around it, then it is most likely a halogen downlight bulb. If the bulb has a flat or ribbed surface this is most likely a LED downlight.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Halogen Downlights

Unfortunately, when talking about halogen downlights the cons outweigh the pros. Halogen Downlights have lots of disadvantages that they are now on the verge of extinction.

The most common disadvantage of halogen downlights is that they consume a lot of energy. They can cripple your budget due to their high energy usage.

Also, halogen downlights produce so much heat that poses a great risk of fires in your home. They are very hard to maintain and don’t last long either hence the need to be replaced frequently.

I guess the only advantage of halogen downlights is that they are cheaper to purchase and can are easily accessible in some retail shops. They are also easy to install and even anyone without electrical experience can install them.

However, if we look at these advantages more closely, you can realise that they are not cheaper at all since they need to be replaced more often. Also, poor installations are the major cause of electrical fire outbreaks in homes.

Why is LED downlight better than Halogen downlight?

LED downlights came as saviours to those who had energy saving problems. Halogen downlights consume crazy amounts of energy whilst LED downlights use just a third of what halogen downlights use.

Most halogen downlights that are used in homes are 50 watts, whilst an LED downlight uses only 5 watts and produces the same amount of lighting. You don’t need rocket science to see the advantages of using LED downlights versus halogen downlights.

Also, If they are not installed properly, halogen downlights can be hazardous as they can cause house fires.

They run at roughly 300 degrees celsius, and if they are not adequately ventilated, and protected from coming in contact with combustible materials they can easily start a fire.

All halogen downlights should be fitted with a heat guard and should be clear of insulation and building materials. You don’t need to worry about all this if you use LED downlights.

While halogen downlights need heat for energy conversion, LED downlights use electrons that don’t produce any heat. If one bulb runs at 300 degrees Celsius, imagine if you have 6 bulbs of halogen downlights in your room.

That will be living in a furnace, especially in hot summer weather. Everyone is switching from halogen downlights to LED downlights because of the vast advantages that LED lights offer. They are energy efficient, durable and they are not a health risk.

Halogen Downlights are the complete opposite of LED downlights and people are now ditching them as they are adopting new ways of saving energy and money of course.

LED vs Halogen Lights

You may have heard that LED is just better for the environment. Well, it is, but it’s also better for you. Here’s a quick overview of just a few benefits LED has over halogens.

  • Lower rates of energy consumption
  • A much longer lifespan than its halogen counterpart
  • Built for instantaneous lighting
  • LED globes are less fragile, and not as easy to break
  • More variety in colours and temperatures
  • Free from mercury, UV radiations, and other harmful emissions
  • Less expensive in the long run

Terms and conditions of promotion

  • If you have smaller or larger than 90mm lights the job can be done however additional costs will be incurred.
  • We assume existing wiring is in appropriate condition and complies with all relevant electrical standards.
  • Supply and installation of dimmers not included.
  • If existing dimmers are installed then flickering can occur and they may need to be upgraded at an additional cost.
  • Lights must be accessible by a standard 6ft ladder.
  • Scaffolding and other access equipment not included in this offer.
  • Additional work will be charged at our normal labour rate.

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