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Not Your Usual Electrical Inspection

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Not Your Usual Electrical Inspection

At Glenco, we know the high standards we keep ensure we employ one of the best tradie teams in the business. Whilst it’s great that we’re confident about this, sometimes it’s stories like this that can remind us how right we are. Glenco’s core values include a focus on service. That means being reliable, delivering safe, friendly, clean and incomparable service at all times. Service includes doing the right thing and putting the customer’s need first. This is something that this story I’m about to tell reflects.

So, what’s the story you ask?

One of our electricians Mitch attended a property in Sydney’s Inner West recently to inspect some loose wiring that one of our real estate agents wanted made safe for an open home that was happening in the next couple of days. We were onsite completing the inspection within 24 hours for the agent. Mitch was the Glenco technician to attend. Once he got onsite he found a lot of cabling that was in high need of attention throughout the property. This included lighting and power cabling. Mitch and his apprentice quickly isolated the power to ensure the property was safe, and then quoted up everything that needed to be completed to bring this property’s wiring up to scratch.

As a part of Mitch’s inspection, he had a close look at the stove and oven in the property’s kitchen. Whilst carrying out their inspection, Mitch and his apprentice were surprised to find some objects hidden under the stove elements. As hiding anything in a stove can be quite dangerous because of the fire risk it presents, the techs removed these objects. They were then even more surprised to find these ‘large objects’ were actually large amounts of cash! They immediately called our office and informed our service manager, who was just as surprised at what they’d found. After finishing up their full inspection and quotation Mitch and his apprentice were able return the cash to the safe hands of the managing agent.

A few days later, we found out that the property was actually a deceased estate, and the previous occupant must have been hiding the cash in the stove for safekeeping (although not so safe cooking!). We also found out that the amount of money the technicians had found was over $1500 in cash.

We received this email from the owner of the real estate agency a few days later:

“Hello Brad

Hope all is well.

Just thought I’d send an email thanking you and letting you know about one of your honest staff that did a job recently at the above mentioned address.

Not often enough are good stories shared or good people pat on the back. One of your team was at this property and found $1500 in cash in the oven of this property.

The property is a deceased estate. The person could have easily kept this money and no one would have known. He handed this in to the selling agent who has passed on the funds to the estate.
I don’t know who he is so can you thank him for us and we appreciate him doing this.

I thought you’d like to know that you have good honest people working for you as the money has been passed on to the appropriate people.

Thanks Brad”

We’re super proud to have such great honest tradespeople working with team Glenco. Great job Mitch!

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