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Is your Building Ready for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging?

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Now is the time to ensure your home, apartment complex or office is EV compatible. The demand for dedicated EV charging stations has never been higher, but don’t risk settling for second-best. Glenco Electrical can ensure you have an EV charging system that will be adaptable, conserve and manage building power, and serve for years to come. We are dedicated to providing the right solutions for even the most challenging of buildings.

Glenco is passionate about sustainability and have dedicated time and resources to deeply understand the electric vehicle charging space.

We service all of Sydney and have the capability and expertise to install chargers that are compatible with all EV brands, such as MG, BMW, Volvo, Tesla, Honda, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes and Nissan.

Installing Today, Designed for Tomorrow.

Homeowners, Strata Managers, and Businesses have much to gain from expertly installed quality EV chargers, and a tailor-made solution for your building. From added property value to the opportunity to attract new residents and customers, a custom designed and professionally installed EV charging facility is a smart choice.

Installation in 3 Easy Steps.

With Glenco Electrical, getting an EV charger installed has never been easier. We’ll do all the thinking for you, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

How it works?

1. Comprehensive site assessment

Our EV experts will assess the requirements of your site and design the right installation for your charging installation needs. This includes your building’s power load capabilities, as well as taking into account any existing structures.

2. Detailed & extensive custom design

We will plan and design the perfect custom solution for your building from start to finish. Our design will include the installation path and any cable run solutions. The load management system for your building, and the most important EV charger options for the job. With the design complete we can provide you with an accurate quote and timeline.

3. Expert & friendly installation

Our experienced electricians will then fully install your new EV charging station, following strict safety procedures. Once installed we will test the charger, ensuring optimal performance for your needs as well as taking you through the system so you can feel confident using it.

We make the installation process stress free and easy!

Get in touch today to organise a site visit with one of our team members.Call 02 9700 9996 or email

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