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How To Choose the Best and Reliable Security Alarm in Sydney

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How To Choose the Best and Reliable Security Alarm in Sydney

Do you need to secure your home? In 2022, it doesn’t matter where you live – even the safest neighborhood could still experience a break-in. Did you know that according to Budget Direct 4.3% of Australian homes experienced a break-in or break-in attempt in the last 12 months? That’s 400,000 break-in cases across the nation. 

Whether you want the peace of mind an alarm provides or you’ve already experienced a break-in, security alarms are a great way to feel safe and more secure at home. Let’s take a look at what a security alarm system is, the different types, and what to look for when choosing one. 

What Is A Security Alarm System? 

In short, a security alarm is a system that helps keep you safe. It alerts you that an intruder has broken into your house, giving you and your family some peace of mind. 

All security alarms serve the same purpose, however, there are generally 3 different types of alarms: traditional, comprehensive, and foolproof. 

Types Of Security Alarm Systems 

Here is a breakdown of the 3 main types of alarm systems.


A traditional alarm is a system that uses motion detection and perimeter alarms. Detectors are placed around your home, usually in spots most likely an intruder would use to break in. For example, close to a backdoor or window. If these motion detectors are then triggered, you are alerted. Very simple but very effective. 


A comprehensive alarm system goes further than traditional systems. This is a system that essentially does everything it can to protect your home, from the same motion detectors used in traditional systems to CCTV and wireless video viewing. 

A complete solution for protecting your home allows you to see, hear, and be alerted to anything and everything going on in your home. With the best comprehensive systems, you can watch your CCTV via the internet and even watch what’s happening on your mobile.  


A foolproof system can be either traditional or comprehensive. However, this is a system designed to be well… foolproof, meaning any part of the system is completely hidden from intruders. Wires and the alarm can be embedded into the construction of your home, making it impossible to be tampered with and/or disabled. 

These alarms are completely hidden from intruders and will have to be professionally installed as it needs to be embedded, usually into the walls of your home. If you need any help with your security alarm systems in Sydney, please reach out to us, we’d love to help you out.  

How To Choose An Alarm For Your Home In Sydney 

With such an abundant range of security alarms available, it can be hard to know what to buy. However, if you break it down into a few factors, choosing a system can be relatively easy. 

Questions to ask before buying an alarm: 

  • Do I want to install it myself or have it professionally installed? 
  • What type/size do I want?
  • What’s my budget? 
  • What features do I need? 
  • What am I protecting? 

All these questions will determine what system you should choose. 

DIY Vs Professional Installation

If you’re an experienced electrician or comfortable installing alarm systems then, by all means, give it a go yourself. However, if you have little or no experience, we highly recommend getting your home alarm system installed professionally. This costs more but if you need a system that’s 100% reliable you really can’t put a price on it. 

Type of System 

So, the type of system you choose is going to largely come down to the level of protection you want for your home. While a traditional system might be enough in alerting you of intruders, perhaps you want the extra peace of mind of a comprehensive system? 

If you then want to go all out, why not make the system foolproof as well? And have it installed into your home.

Your Budget

Ultimately your budget is going to determine what alarm system you can have. I mean, if we could all have a perfect, professionally-installed comprehensive foolproof alarm system, it would be great right? However, if you’re on a budget, this isn’t always possible. 

Reasons To Equip Your Home With a Security Alarm System 

There are many great reasons for equipping your home with a great alarm system. 

Protect Your Home & Family 

If you’re worried about the crime rates in your area and don’t feel 100% safe and secure at home, then an alarm system is the smartest option to go with. If you want to go to bed every night knowing you’ll be alerted right away if there was an intruder, this is a reason good enough for anyone to install an alarm system. 


Even if you’re on a tight budget, an alarm is a cost-effective way to protect your home. Traditional systems at the lower end of the price scale are very affordable and certainly won’t break the bank. 

Peace of Mind 

Whatever your living situation, budget, and needs, the peace of mind any alarm can provide is worth its weight in gold.


Now you know exactly what to look for when choosing a security alarm for your home. You also know which type is going to suit your needs best as possible. 

But whichever system you choose, remember that feeling safe in your home is a basic need, especially here in Australia. And if purchasing a security alarm can give you this security, it should be a no-brainer. 

If you need any assistance with security alarm systems in Sydney, please contact our team today. We have a team of experts who would love to assist you in making your home a safer, happier, and more secure place. 

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