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Energy Management

Glenco Energy Management was set up to help our customers and ensure we are offering responsible energy practices as an option in our list of services. With increasing concerns about rising energy costs, the team at Glenco are able to provide solutions to help reduce these costs. At Glenco we aim to provide solutions for your premises that will enhance your efficiency and improve the sustainability of your premises, which will lead to significant savings.

Energy Auditing Areas

Energy auditing is useful for any property. Below are some of the areas you can carry out energy auditing at your property.

1. Common area lighting
The team at Glenco will calculate the common area lighting loads with a view of reducing your kilowatt usage. We provide motion sensing and lighting solutions for all common areas.

2. Garden and exterior lighting
Providing solutions for garden and outdoor lighting using efficient LED technology is a Glenco specialty. This provides energy reductions and aesthetic benefits.

3. Carpark lighting
Glenco will calculate the carpark lighting loads with a view of reducing your kilowatt usage. We will offer you alternative energy efficient solutions combined with motion sensing and photoelectric technology.

4. Power factor correction
We will assess the feasibility of power factor correction implementation for buildings with high current draw motors relating to items ...

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Energy Management Services

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Glenco is an Australian and family owned trade service business, tried and tested, operating in Sydney since 1988. With extensive knowledge and experience, Glenco’s reputation in the trade industry speaks for itself. An award winning trade services company, it has been our consistent focus on improving our customer service over these many years that has helped maintain Glenco’s toutstanding reputation....

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