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Emergency and Exit Lighting

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Your buildings emergency and exit lighting system is an important part of its overall safety. It ensures there will be plenty of light in the event of a power outage, fire or other emergency.

It is designed to protect the safety of the buildings occupants in an emergency that may require an evacuation.

Do I need to Install Emergency and Exit Lighting in my Building?

The regulations governing the requirement to have an emergency exit lighting system in your building can be found in the Building Code of Australia and describes those areas in a building that require emergency and exit lighting.

How do I comply with the Emergency and Exit Lighting maintenance schedule?

There are many ways to comply with these regulations. For example, large commercial buildings must meet specific requirements for their exit signs, while warehouse might only need to have an emergency lighting system installed in one room.

You must have an inspection and testing of your emergency and exit luminaires carried out every 6 and 12 months. This involves checking the system is working properly, that batteries are updated and the lumen output is sufficient. Compliance requires a 90-minute discharge test of the battery every 6 months.

To ensure your building is compliant with AS 2293 call Glenco and we can organise for our skilled electricians to inspect your emergency and exit lighting system.

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