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24 hours | 7 days

Daylight saving this weekend! Does your property need the time clocks changed?

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Glenco Daylight saving

Is your property ready for daylight saving this weekend?
Would you like your time clocks adjusted to ensure your property is safe?

On Sunday, 3rd October at 2:00:00 am clocks are turned forward 1 hour, and daylight savings will begin for the summer.

Glenco is here to help you.

  • Your time clocks will need adjusting prior to this date, to ensure your property is safe and well lit.
  • Your property needs to be safe with more people working from home, so your lighting is imperative.
  • Whilst on site we will inspect your main switchboard and your common area lights to ensure everything is safe*

Some properties are automated, to control the on/off times of air conditioning, security systems, lighting and more. Synchronising your properties clocks has benefits beyond the time displayed. Synchronised time drives punctuality, safety, efficiency and lowers maintenance costs.

*Visual inspection only. We will report any faults if identified and no work will be carried out unless written authorisation is provided.

Are you ready!
Stop spending time on time!

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