Why Upgrade Your Building to LED Lighting?

At GLENCO, we pride ourselves on the positive impact we are making on the environment, and the reductions our customers see in energy bills. We are making this happen by helping our customers switch from conventional, energy-consuming lights to energy-efficient LED lights under government rebates for commercial LED lighting upgrades.

Keeping operation costs low is crucial for any business or building strata managers. There are simple steps to working smarter with the energy you use and turn it to create cost savings. We conduct a thorough assessment to develop an understanding of our client’s business type, operations and existing energy usage to offer a lighting solution that delivers a long term return.

  • LED lighting creates a well lit and safe environment for employees and residents.
  • Greatly reduces electricity costs.
  • Minimal impact to day-to-day operations during installation.
  • LED dramatically reduces heat omissions compared to mercury vapour lighting.
  • Government rebates available for Commercial and Strata properties

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LED Upgrade to 21 Young Street Mosman NSW:

  • The building had 151 light fittings that required upgrading to LED
  • Before the building was upgraded to LED lights their original annual energy usage for this building was 103,613 KWH
  • The current energy usage after installation of new LED lights is 10976 KWH
  • The annual estimated cost savings based on power usage is $22,000 based on $0.24 per KWH
  • The return on interest after the installation was carried was 7.5 Months
  • The building was eligible for a government rebate which exceeded $12,500.00


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