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CCTV Camera for Office: Benefits and Best Placements

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A CCTV camera for the office can help safeguard your business and keep your employees safe. Know what is the best CCTV camera for the office in this article.

CCTV Camera for Office Benefits and Best Placements

Crime rates in Australia have dropped by 18.3% over the past year. This decrease in crime rates doesn’t mean that we should be letting our guard down. Crime is still prevalent, and a security camera can provide you with the protection that you need against intruders and other criminal minds.

Security camera systems or CCTV systems help police promptly identify culprits for residential and commercial properties, leading to better clearance rates.

What is a CCTV Camera?

CCTV stands for “Closed Circuit Television”. It is a closed-loop system that transmits images exclusively to in-house monitors. These images can be stored internally or externally and are helpful in 24/7 surveillance of the surrounding area. The government installed the first open street CCTV systems in Australia in Perth in July 1991.

Benefits of CCTV Camera For Office

There are many advantages to installing surveillance systems in the office.

Security Cameras Deter Criminals

A study published by CCTV experts Brandon Welsh and colleagues has shown that CCTV installations can help reduce crime. Criminals are wary of committing a crime when they know that they are being watched and recorded.

CCTV Security Systems Monitor Activities

CCTV systems not only help deter crime, but they are also an effective means of monitoring activities in the workplace and can help identify discrepancies and address disputes. They can also help you identify any suspicious activity that jeopardises your business.

Security Cameras Collect Evidence

Footage acquired from a CCTV camera for the office can be accepted as evidence and help facilitate crime-solving.

Business Decisions

Getting the best CCTV camera for the office can also drive business decisions. Remote access CCTV systems enable you to monitor your business even when you are away.

Types of CCTV Cameras for Office

The following are the different types of CCTV camera types you can install for your office:

  • Dome cameras
  • Bullet CCTV cameras
  • Night vision CCTV cameras
  • Wireless CCTV cameras
  • Network CCTV cameras
  • High-definition (HD) or full HD CCTV cameras

All CCTV camera systems can record footage and store them for future use. You may install a single CCTV camera for your office or multiple camera systems with different views. Some CCTV cameras also have wi-fi capabilities and have push notification settings that you can link to your phone or smart device. This will allow you to access real-time CCTV footage even when you’re away from your home or business.

Best Places to Install CCTV Cameras for Office

These are the best places to install a CCTV camera for the office:

At the Gates and Reception Area

Install the best CCTV camera for the office at the reception area and keep track of foot traffic at the property. Besides being a potential business solution, a single camera dedicated to the entry point can also help safeguard against possible intrusion in the premises, especially after hours.

In the Work Area

Having a camera system installed in the work area can help you keep track of your employees and can also aid in addressing work disputes such as harassment and theft. Deciding on installing more or fewer cameras in the work area would depend on the work area’s surface.

In the Assets Room

Your assets room can hold money or other valuable items. Installation of surveillance systems in this area is crucial in safeguarding your assets. In case of theft or burglary in the office, police officials can identify the perpetrators, especially if your CCTV cameras have zoom capacity that allows them to take a closer look at any suspicious activity in the workplace.

In the Refreshment Area

CCTV cameras in the refreshment area can help safeguard your employees even during their break times. This will help you secure the premises through video surveillance and can help deter any suspicious activity in the refreshments area.

Protect Your Office Today

CCTV cameras have a wide range of applications besides office security. They can help you make better business decisions by helping you identify peak times during business hours. In addition, surveillance of office premises enables you to keep a close eye on your employees and ensure that they are up to par with company work ethics.

The old saying “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” will not hold up with a CCTV camera in place. Glenco has serviced Greater Sydney since 1988 and can help you identify the most suitable CCTV camera for your office.

Contact us today and speak with one of our team members for the best CCTV solutions.

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