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3 Stylish Ideas For Your Backyard Outdoor LED Lighting

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3 Stylish Ideas For Your Backyard Outdoor LED Lighting

For many of us, our backyards are our oasis — an outdoor living room where we can listen to our flowing garden pond, feel the warm glow of a fire, and watch the dreamy glow of the moon.

When designing your backyard, you’ll want to think about both style and functionality to find that “wow factor.” When creating an inviting space and a welcoming ambience, one important aspect is your backyard’s outdoor lighting. If you’re looking for some inspiration for outdoor LED lighting in Australia, you’re in the right place.

Outdoor LED Lighting is a stylish way to add both improved functionality and appearance to your backyard. Not sure where to start? With many options to consider, from twinkly lights in the dining area to paper lanterns both indoors and out, and don’t forget about the importance of security lighting and a garden path; there’s a lot to choose from! We’ve done the work and narrowed down the top three outdoor lights for a functional and stylish outdoor space. Keep reading to learn our expert lighting ideas.

Create Atmosphere with These Three Lighting Ideas 

Before you consider these outdoor lighting ideas, consider your needs for lighting. If you’re looking for decorative lighting, you’re probably not as concerned with how much light is given off, and you’re looking for more of a subtle glow. But, if adding adequate light is your main goal, you will want to focus on bright LED lights for your backyard. Pathway lighting, spotlighting, and other forms of landscape lighting can help add both style and functionality to your backyard. You can even add lighting to enhance plants and other outdoor structures.

1. Garden Path Lighting

You’ve got your garden furniture, and garden design mapped out — what’s next? You need garden lighting to illuminate the tree branches and your outdoor decor to throw the evening garden party of your dreams.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient option to light up your outdoor seating area and give you the perfect amount of soft light in your courtyard garden, consider solar-powered lights. Not only do these lights help you brighten up your backyard, but they don’t add money to your energy bill! Solar lights operate utilizing solar power, harvesting energy directly from the sun. Throughout the day, these lights will recharge using the sun’s energy.

To add even more pizazz to your outdoor living areas, choose a solar pathway light with bright LED bulbs to create a focal point or an ambient glow. LED bulbs can hold a longer and brighter charge than other types of bulbs used for pathway lights. If you feel like white is not stylish enough, many bright colours of lights such as purple, green, or blue are options to bring some colour to your backyard.

2. Dragonfly Fairy Lights

Do you love incorporating elements of nature in your backyard design? If so, dragonfly fairy lights are for you. These adorable garden lights can be hung throughout your backyard oasis to create a welcoming glow. This includes gardens, gazebos, and anywhere you’d like to create drama on your patio space — they can even be hung from your front door!

Shaped like tiny dragonflies, you cannot go wrong adding this type of garden lighting to your backyard lighting scheme. Dragonfly lights are available in all white or clear lighting, or you can choose ones with bright colours. Many even have colour-changing options! These string lights are great for adding the perfect atmosphere to your backyard by creating a flickering glow.

3. Repurposed Planters Reimagined Solar Pendant Lights

Love a good DIY project? Are you very crafty? Create a backyard LED lighting option that is uniquely yours by repurposing old planters for solar pendant lights. This project is fun, but it is also budget-friendly compared to other stylish backyard lighting ideas. The great part is that no electrical wiring is needed because this option uses solar lighting.

Using a planter as the base, add solar pendant lights attached to a large rod or lamp post. These repurposed planters reimagined as solar pendant lights can not only add colour to your backyard, but they’re also able to be customized. For the planter, choose your favourite flowers at the base! Your friends and family will admire your crafty skills for a stylish backyard, and they’ll cast beautiful shadows during your alfresco dining all summer long.


From spotlights to faux candles, Chinese lanterns, string lights, festoon lights, wall lights, rock lights, hanging lights, stone globe lights, and everything in between, we help you choose the perfect garden lighting scheme — no matter the outdoor room. Our knowledgeable experts will work with you to brainstorm garden lighting ideas that automatically light up your container garden design to create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere.

Backyard outdoor LED lighting comes in many stylish varieties to choose from. Whether you’re looking to jazz up your paved pathways, add fairy lights on your deck or patio, or simply add lighting scattered around, there is much to consider for backyard lighting. Giving adequate time and thought to your backyard lighting will help you find a style you love while considering functionality and lighting needs.

Interested in adding outdoor LED lighting to create your backyard oasis? Call us today to book an appointment! We offer superior customer service! At Glenco, we’re here to help with all of your Australian backyard LED lighting needs!

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