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Level 2 Electrician - Authorised Service Provider

A reliable level 2 Authorised Service Provider is a trade service you need to be able to count on in an emergency. This includes, metering, overhead, and underground services, amongst many others.  We are licensed in the Ausgrid and Endeavour areas of Sydney.

Glenco have been providing electrical services to Sydney since 1988. Our level 2 electricians in Sydney are on call 24 hours a day. Having a licensed and fully equipped level 2 Authorised Service Provider in Sydney to complete your work is essential.

  • ✓ Highly experienced Sydney level 2 electricians, including carrying out countless emergencies 24/7
  • ✓ A team with unparalleled skill, expertise, and experience
  • ✓ A leading name in the Sydney electrical industry

Being level 2 electricians in Sydney means we can take care of network services from the street to your property. Our experience in unmatched in Sydney. We will be able to assist you with the following services for both residential homes and large commercial properties:

  • Installation, repair and/or maintenance of the overhead and/or underground service lines between electrical wiring on your premises and the electricity network
  • Connection of your service lines to the network and making the connection 'live'
  • Disconnection of your premises from the network
  • Installation and removal of electricity metering equipment
  • Upgrading of customer/service mains
  • Installation of steel poles
  • Relocation of point of attachments
  • Upgrading from single to three phase power supply
  • We can audit your installation and ensure your property complies with current Australian Standards.

What is a level 2 Authorised Service Provider (ASP)?

A Level 2 electrician, or Authorised Service Provider is an electrician who has gone through the vigorous qualification process to not only become an electrician, but to become certified by ...

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