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Communications Electricians including, phone, internet, data and fibre services

Glenco are not your average electricians. We are specially trained and licensed to work on phone lines, internet connections, data services and fibre optic cabling. Is your phone line crackling? You internet connection slow? Do you need more phone or data points for your home office or business? Need an electrician to install or repair fibre cabling? We can help with this and a lot more.

Glenco have been completing these services for our customers since we began operating in 1988. Not all electricians are skilled and/or licensed in this area. Since we know this we have ensured we keep upskilling and training our entire team across all communications electrical services including phone and internet lines, and data and fibre services. If you need an electrician to work on communications systems in Sydney, we are the ones to call. We keep up with the modern day demands of our customers to stay connected. After all, we are connected by service.

Internet - Ethernet or WIFI?
Ethernet lines used for your internet connection means you have one modem and every connection goes back to a router. This is a great option for a large office or a home office. The advantage is that internet speed is not affected by the amount of users, and as ...

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Communication Services

What Our Customers Say

“I have to say I have been very impressed with Glenco at every step of the process from quote to delivery. It is obvious that you have taken the time to understand the customer experience.

Jesse was very polite, helpful and can do. I would give him a 10/10. ”

-Susan, Waverley
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Why Glenco ?

Glenco is an Australian and family owned trade service business, tried and tested, operating in Sydney since 1988. With extensive knowledge and experience, Glenco’s reputation in the trade industry speaks for itself. An award winning trade services company, it has been our consistent focus on improving our customer service over these many years that has helped maintain Glenco’s toutstanding reputation....

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