From 23 March 2020, NSW landlords and agents need to ensure that smoke alarms installed in properties are in working order.

Requirements for landlords and agents:

Landlords and agents must ensure:

Requirements for tenants:

Reimbursement for repairs:

A tenant is entitled to reimbursement within 7 days after giving written notice of relevant expenses. The notice must detail the nature and cost of repairs together with copies of receipts or invoices. This does not apply to social housing tenants.

We hope the above information is useful for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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For further information visit fairtrading.nsw.gov.au

Once onsite, technicians will politely ask to wash their hands before starting their work and at the conclusion of the job before leaving.

Increased cleaning frequency of all our sites, equipment and vehicles.

Additional items for staff, including hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes, tissues, disposable gloves and masks.

Technicians will disinfect all surfaces touched (where possible) at the conclusion of every job.

Technicians have been asked not to share tools or drink bottles and no high-fives, handshaking or close contact.

Increased screening measures with customers before  jobs are booked  to understand whether the customer is in isolation or a high-risk group.

Limited face-to-face interactions between team members, clients and suppliers to help reduce the risk.

Regular training and guidance provided to all staff on how to maintain hygiene and reduce infection risk.

Whilst works are being conducted in your home, office or site, we encourage windows and doors to be left open to allow for good ventilation.

Technicians will politely remind the client of the 1.5 m rule and will comply during works being conducted.

Any staff member who shows any flu-signs or related symptoms, are being request to seek medical advice immediately.

To minimise the risk of transfer, we prefer electronic payment options to avoid cash handling.

Alerts via email and sms are being sent to every client before a technician arrives onsite to ensure it is a safe work environment.

To enquire or book a job please contact our service team on 02 9700 9996 or email service@glenco.com.au.

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With all of us spending so much time inside and using our air-conditioners more often, we recommend you have your air-conditioner serviced to ensure optimal air quality and system functionality.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic we are spending up to 90% of our time indoors. Now is the crucial time for your AC units to be serviced.

Air filters can attract mould and dust, which hinders their performance. An overlooked service can lead to more serious problems and can increase energy consumption. Therefore, proper maintenance and regular checks are of the utmost importance for your Air-conditioner.

Glenco can help you employ the right strategies to eliminate or minimise the detrimental effects.


Not many people understand why a chemical clean is so important. Here is what we will do for you!

Your Air Conditioning will be properly checked and cleaned with an additional high pressure clean with a biodegradable, non-toxic wash. The wash contains special enzymes that will provide a deep clean of the coils and removes any odour causing materials. This is the most effective clean that will restore the working capacity of your Air Conditioning system.

We propose a comprehensive maintenance which will include the below scope of works:

• Clean return air filter where accessible
• Clean indoor coil where accessible
• Clean condensate drain and flush
• Check/clean outdoor unit based off access off standard 6 foot ladder
• Check water cooled condenser operation
• Check and tighten electrical connections
• Check and note any fault codes
• Check and note operating pressures
• Give supply registers a clean
• Check and adjust controls as required
• Catalogue model number/serial numbers of units
• Operational test on heating and cooling (where available)
• Any further issues that require repairs will be quoted


A modern home can hardly be imagined without some kind of air conditioning or venting system. If you have an old air conditioner, replacing it with a new one is also recommended. Not only that, new air conditioners work better, but they also need less energy to keep your home cool/warm.

Please enquire on our latest air-conditioning technology, featuring smart home voice control and a revolutionary air purifying system.

The introduction of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility to reverse-cycle and cooling-only systems means you can have a smart home system with total climate control and comfort. Voice control can be used for hands-free tasks like turning the system on and off, switching between operating modes, managing temperature settings and more.

Your new AC can deliver more than just cooling or heating solutions. You can benefit from all the ventilation and purification technologies developed to improve your indoor air quality by reducing or removing the invisible nasties in your home, giving you peace of mind in the quality of your air.


When you are choosing your air conditioning system, or you have a faulty unit, you want to make sure you are in the right hands. We work with highly trusted brands and make sure we are comfortable with the quality of all of our work before we leave your property. We can install any brands that you would like in your home or property.

In order for your family to enjoy a healthy and cosy home during the COVID-19 pandemic, call Glenco to service, repair or install your air- conditioning needs.

To enquire or book a job please contact our service team on 02 9700 9996 or email service@glenco.com.au.
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Installing an integrated home/property security system is an easy way to prevent unwanted intruders. We have all heard the stories of burglars and how they can track our valuable assets, not just the devices but also anything connected to a shared network in our homes.

If you are a landlord, the safety of your tenants and properties is often of major concern. The good news is that some simple steps can be taken to improve the security of your home and to reduce the risk of breakup or theft.

Our services include:

We can offer you:

Five tips for managing
your security system

Take these quick steps to prevent intruder attacks from your property. It’s worth investing in a security system so it can protect your property. Common awareness practices with an efficient security system can help prevent any accidents from happening and ensure the safety of your family and business.

1. Don’t Keep Things On Display

It might be enough to allow burglars to move into the next house without appearing like you have got a lot of valuables that could get robbed. Hold it in the driveway if you have a fancy car. Keep the windows closed at night if you have an expensive television. Not every crime includes breaking and entering. The holidays have become a prime time for package robbery with more online gift shoppers each year. Don’t keep delivery on the doorway for long if you have ordered something costly. If you are worried about your presents getting in the hands of a thief, you have to invest in home security set up with a doorbell, camera, and a smart lock. This helps you to ensure the safe delivery of parcels with just your mobile security app installed. It is an easier alternative for valuable goods to stay at home and far smarter than casualties.

2. Strengthen Entrance Point

The most popular entry points for burglars are doors and windows. Regrettably, window latches are not always effective, and at times quite weak. If you are not satisfied with the function of your window latches, then it is imperative to improve safety by means of locks or keys. It would be best if you didn’t take any risks with your home’s security. It is recommended that the outside doors should be steel or strong wood with a thickness of at least 3/4 cm. Buy locks or burglar-resistant glass, so that your windows can be secured. Just secure them with a metal bar if your home has sliding glass doors or curtains. Naturally, a safety alarm is also helpful. If the system is broken, we recommend one which rings an external service.

3. Maintain Your Top Floor Protected

Although the doors and windows on the first floor may be secured for daily use, we sometimes forget to make sure our access points on the second floor are just as secured. Window alarms, glass break detection, and locks are also essential in order to prevent burglars from trying to enter the second floor of your house. Make sure that at night or while you are out, you must shut the doors and that smart plugs are used to light a lamp so that you can tell if somebody other than you is turning on the lights. The upper portion windows are considered to be the lowest entry point. Although most home security devices provide window detectors that sound an alarm if there is a burglar, and you should take certain steps to make sure it’s not even hit. One is the locks on the windows. These mighty and cheap locks are suitable for use on cellar doors and windows of the first floor and limit burglars from getting access to your building.

4. Add Camera Surveillance

Today’s market provides many great security systems, both indoor and outdoor, which are accessible and convenient for the homeowner. What’s really important is where you choose to install them. The game plans for strategising, arranging, and deploying the surveillance devices are the complete guide to home safety camera deployment. For any house, CCTV is a great choice. Modern-day security companies can compensate for all CCTV upgrades or modifications on shared areas or inside a property’s walls. They propose the best safety options and takes account of your unique and individual requirements. In order to do this, you need a trustworthy CCTV installer. It is imperative to work with products that we know will be reliable and work well for your monitoring and alarm system requirements.

5. Deploy Management Systems And Access Control

Access control devices are usually installed in Sydney’s business premises. It encompasses large and small businesses and many smaller houses. The access control mechanisms provide biometrics, double coded token, and wireless IP-technology fob key credentials. At this point, the protection of your estate is second to none, which enables you to inspect individuals and activity over long periods in your property or assets. In all areas of Sydney, reputable security agencies sell access control services on commercial properties. These are end-to-end systems that integrate with your alarm systems and CCTV surveillance systems that greatly improve your safety. Their expertise in the safety and business sector ensures that when it comes to setting security strategies for your estate, you can rely on their expert advice. Moreover, their access control systems can ensure that your property is as safe as possible.

To enquire or book a job please contact our service team on 02 9700 9996 or email service@glenco.com.au.

August is Tradies Health Month, and we are asking tradies to make their health and the health of their co-workers a priority.

During the month of August Glenco has been focused on educating their tradies on the importance of full-body health and safety.  

Recent research from The Australian Physiotherapy Association’s (APA) showed that while attitudes toward health and safety have improved, the organisation found some perspectives “concerning”.

State of the tradie:

88 % –  take care of the tools but only 60 per cent look after their body and mental health
70 % – consider themselves fit and try to eat healthy
69 % – believe it’s normal to be sore as a result of their work
25 % – are comfortable to talk to a co-worker about a mental health issue affecting their work
32 % – don’t follow safe lifting guidelines
42 % – push their body past healthy limits
48 % – haven’t taken a sick day in the past six months

Source: Australian Physiotherapy Association Tradies Health survey 2019

With this in mind, Glenco has put together a list of handy tips and hints tailored to the needs of a tradie.


1. STAY ALERT – and stay alive. The more awake you are the less likely you are to get hurt. If you are unsure- ask. Don’t guess and muddle through. Make sure you know in advance the correct, safe way to do it.

2. WEAR THE RIGHT CLOTHES – Always wear work clothes that fit properly and use protective clothing and equipment fit properly.

3. USE THE RIGHT TOOLS – if you need a hammer, get a hammer. Make sure your tools are in good condition.

4. LEARN HOW TO LIFT – Lifting takes more than muscle; it is an art. Don’t try to show how strong you are – get help if you need it.

5. DON’T BE A PRANKSTER – practical jokes and horseplay can be dangerous. If you feel the urge to play, resist it until after work.

6. BE TIDY – Good housekeeping reduces hazards. Always put away tools when they are not in use. Keep the floors clean, pick up scraps, wipe up spills. A slip or trip can be fatal.

7. REPORTING IS IMPORTANT – Never fail to report incidents, defective equipment, and unsafe conditions.

8. GET FIRST-AID or MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY – if you’re hurt – even if it seems minor. Neglect of the injury may lead to serious infection, lost time, and even permanent injury.

9. BACK YOUR SAFETY PROGRAM – If you have an idea you believe will reduce incidents, tell your supervisor about it. Set an example by obeying safety rules.

10. NEVER TAKE A CHANCE – Next, to sheer carelessness, the short cut is probably the biggest killer of all. To save a minute or two, you may lose a lifetime. Whatever you are doing, if you are not doing it safely, you are not doing it right!!

Glenco recently appeared on the Today Show on Channel 9 to complete a live renovation blitz in only 3.5 hours.

“Why would you try and do that?!” I hear you ask. We took on the mammoth project to help out a family who had been doing it pretty tough. Azura and Torrin lost their father in tragic circumstances. Then faced with the decision about where they would live after losing their main caregiver, the children’s aunt and uncle Amanda and Morgan decided to take the pair in as their own. The couple knew it was going to be necessary to extend their house to make room for the children. However they unfortunately had to but a stop to the renos due to time and financial constraints.

That’s where we came in. We stepped up to help the family by making all the final touches on the electrical, air conditioning and security that would make the house the home it needed to be. And we pulled it off! Along with a number of other trades working on the carpentry, painting, landscaping and decorating, all the tradies came together for the big reveal just before 9am. The family’s reaction and gratitude definitely made all the effort worth it for everyone involved.

If you wanted to see some of the footage of our appearance on the Today Show recently, take a look at the videos below.

Here is Glenn’s live interview with Georgie Gardner on the Today Show about why Glenco is taking part in the renovation and what we were donating.

Watch below for a full highlights reel from the morning’s renovation rescue:

To find out even more about the Today Show project, read our full blog article here.

A short time ago, we were approached by hipages and the Today Show to help out a family who desperately needed it. The family had taken in their niece and nephew after the children’s main caregiver, their father, was tragically killed. The couple, with two children of their own, had attempted to extend their home to accommodate Azura and Torrin and make them feel as comfortable as possible under the terrible circumstances.

However, due to time and financial constraints, the couple, Amanda and Morgan, had to put a stop to the renos mid-way. And that, we were told, is where we would come in. We were asked to complete all of the electrical work, and install brand new air conditioning into the home. Our answer? It was a ‘no-brainer’, as Glenn put it. As a family owned business ourselves, operating for more than 30 years, we know the importance of family and our values were perfectly aligned with this project.

Whilst we knew that completing a renovation live on television in just over 3 hours was an ambitious endeavour, we also knew that the Glenco team would be up to the task. In the end we knew it would be completely worth it be able to help this family and were more than happy to get involved.

And so, we started planning the project, figuring out what we could supply and install in the house to make it the home it needed to be.

We knew the family had previously attempted to DIY some of the work, which meant we also knew that we may have to make a lot of the wiring in the property electrically safe. We did find some definite safety risks in the property along the way which we were able to repair and make safe immediately. But we went a lot further than that. Amongst other things, we installed new power points, switches, some brand new LED lighting, two new air conditioning systems generously donated by Panasonic, a new doorbell, security lighting, and completed some upgrades on the switchboard.

The air conditioning being installed whilst the cameras were live

Along with a number of other tradies, Glenco had nearly a dozen people on-hand on the morning of the house renovation early on Wednesday 1st May. Our team of tradies were working across all three of our main services; Electrical, Air Conditioning, and Security.

Team Glenco working live on camera

If you’ve seen it you’ll know, the Today Show starts airing from 5:30am. So, we were onsite from 4am to make sure we were fully equipped for this race-against-the-clock reno! After some preparation, the show began at 5:30am and Today reporter Sarah Stewart let the air horn rip! And then, we were off. Almost two dozen tradies bolted inside the house with no time to lose. And from that moment, the organised chaos began. The electrical team started with the new power circuits for the air conditioning systems, whilst the aircon team started drilling in the brackets for the new systems to be hung onto. Then, some of the team started on the power and lighting, and of course the all-important doorbell which had always been missing from the home. All of this, whilst working around the landscapers, carpenters, and labourers!

Jasmin, one of our electrical apprentices, working whilst cameras were rolling

The whole tradie team worked tirelessly throughout the morning, whilst also stopping intermittently to tell the live television cameras what they were working on. At about 7am Glenn was called up to be interviewed live with Georgie Gardner about Glenco’s contribution to the project. During the interview, Glenn mentioned “as Glenco is a family owned business…when we found out the plight the family were facing, that just sat really well with us. Everyone in our team pitched together and we said ‘we’ve gotta help these guys’!”

Glenn being interviewed live on Channel 9 with Georgie Gardner

During the interview Georgie also declared to Glenn that Glenco had a lot of ‘man-power’ there that morning and asked if the team were on track to meet the tight 9am deadline. But it’s not just man-power we had onsite. As Glenn pointed out, “we actually have man and woman power here this morning with our female tradies also onsite” and he confirmed that “everyone (was) going really well”.  We never doubted we had the team to get it done, although the TV crew were understandably nervous about meeting their strict live television deadline!

Georgie Gardner and Glenn Rosen onsite at Glenco’s live TV renovation rescue

As the morning progressed you could really see a home starting to take shape. The interior decorators came in during the last 30 minutes of the reno to add the finishing touches such as a new couch and dining table. One of the most exciting additions was of course a door for the laundry toilet! Previously the family would yell ‘laundry door shut!” whenever someone was inside, to let others in the house know it was ‘occupied’…

At about 8:40am it was time for all the tradies, friends of the family, and Today Show crew to gather together in the back garden to surprise the family with their brand-new home. If you’ve ever been a guest at a surprise party, then you know exactly what it was like. We could hear the family enter the house being led in by the Today reporter Sarah Stewart. As they walked up to the front door one of the kids pressed our newly installed doorbell and everyone hiding out the back could hear it ring through the home. Sarah moved the family through the property, into the newly transformed living room. This was one of the rooms in which we had installed one of our split system air conditioning systems. As we quietly stood in the back garden we could hear one of the kids shout out with the upmost excitement “we have air conditioning!”. It was so amazing to be able hear the family’s exclamations from inside as they discovered all the new additions we had made to their home in the hours just prior.

Hiding in the back garden waiting for the family to arrive

The family were then informed how “so many people had been involved in this, and they (were all) here to see (them)”. The family then excitedly looked out in the backyard, and to their surprise they were greeted by friends, family, the full tradie team, TV crew, and the one and only Georgie Gardner! Georgie told the family that she “hoped they didn’t mind, but (they’d) enlisted the help of a few volunteers”, nodding back towards the huge tradie team standing behind her. Georgie told an emotional Amanda and Morgan how everybody had been so ready and willing to be involved. Through his tears Morgan told Georgie that he really “couldn’t thank them enough”. After a quick commercial break, we got to hear more from the family, including the children’s grandparents who had all gone through so much and were also so incredibly thankful. Seeing the reaction of the parents, children, and their relatives was a truly great moment to be a part of. They were genuinely so grateful for all the effort put in.

As the reveal continued it was such a fantastic feeling to be able to finally see the look on each and every one of the family’s faces as they took it all in. As Georgie spoke to each family member you could feel the raw emotion and gratitude they felt for everyone there, and it was a genuinely touching moment to be a part of. As Georgie wrapped up the show, her voice cracked with emotion as she told the hundreds of thousands of people watching that she had “had some great highlights in (her) career on the Today Show, but today, tops it all: it’s just been so special”. We couldn’t agree more Georgie. We have had some incredible highs throughout our 30 years as a business, but what we were able to complete in this one morning and the difference we were able to make in the family’s lives was truly moving. We are so privileged to have been able to be involved in this spectacular project.

All the tradies and the family out the front of the house after the TV cameras stopped rolling

Huge thanks go to the whole Today Show crew, the superb team at hipages, all the other tradies who were involved, and the gorgeous family who were so deserving of everything they received.

Father and husband Morgan and Glenn Rosen, co-owner of Glenco
Today reporter Sarah Stewart, host Georgie Gardner, and the family after the big reveal
Glenco onsite in Cranebrook for live renovation rescue
hipages CEO and co-founder Roby Sharon-Zipser and Glenn Rosen, co-owner of Glenco

As a company surpassing 30 years in business, we have had a number of outstanding team members throughout the years. We value diversity within our workplace across age, gender, ability, sexuality, and culture, and we know we are a better company for it. Because of the supportive and inclusive environment Glenco produces, we have been able to create a Sydney female electrician team in the form of our fully qualified female electrician, and our two female apprentice electricians.


There are many reasons why some customers may prefer a female electrician for their job. We understand the reasons you may want to use a female electrician for your job, and so we are able to provide this option to our clients. This includes working across a range of jobs including;


Glenco has always been known as a revolutionary and forward-thinking business. Thus, when one of our female service coordinators wanted to fulfil a goal of becoming a qualified female tradesperson, we were more than happy to support her in that journey. Today, she is a third year apprentice with Glenco, having achieved many of her goals and well on her way to becoming a fully qualified lady tradie.


Within our team, Krissy is a fully qualified electrician. Krissy has been working as an electrician for several years, also completing part of her apprenticeship at Glenco. We also employ two female apprentice electricians. If your work requires two people as is commonly the case with electrical work, we can send our female electrical team to tackle the job together.


Glenco are a professional, family owned business operating within Sydney for over 30 years. We proudly support Lady Tradies and understand that there are times when our customers may prefer using a female tradesperson. All our work is backed by our company quality guarantee, with a lifetime warranty on all labour. With more than 30 years in business, you are guaranteed peace of mind when choosing Glenco and our female electricians, or ‘lady tradies’ for your job.

Glenco has won numerous trade business awards, including Best Trade Business in Australia 2016 and 2017 in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards, and Best Trade Business in Australia 2018 backed by the Optus My Business Awards.

Why use us?



We are so excited to announce Glenco have been chosen the winner of the Australian Optus My Business Awards in the trade category! We are so proud to see the hard work and determination of our team pay off and to be recognised within our industry. Held at The Star, Sydney on Friday night (9th November), around 800 people flocked to witness all the excitement and drama of the night and to witness this year’s winners be crowned best of the best. The trade services category was one of the largest, with 9 other quality finalists from all over Australia in the mix.

As a company having reached 30 years in business this year, we find this a perfect way to end 2018. Some of the other great achievements for team Glenco in 2018 have included launching our new and refreshed brand, and becoming finalists in both the Telstra Business Awards and Australian Small Business Champion Awards.

We are very excited for this achievement as it was our first time entering the Optus My Business Awards. The awards acknowledge best practice within a particular industry sector, as well as individual business leaders, excellence in customer service and achievements in innovation, corporate social responsibility and workplace culture. Adam Zuchetti, editor of My Business, said it is another big year for Australia’s longest-running SME awards program, with a record number of submissions in 2018. Our hopes of walking away with a win were high, although there was definitely some stiff competition. The evening was filled with first class food and entertainment, and inspiring stories from business owners from all over the country.

Winning the prestigious award backed by one of the biggest brands in Australia, Optus, is truly an honour. We were so proud to be standing alongside some of the best businesses in Australia on the night. Our win is a result of the hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence of the entire Glenco team. This honour has topped off what has been an extremely exciting 30th year of business for Glenco and cemented our place as an industry leading trade service business in Australia. We look forward to providing you our service for the next 30 years and beyond.

Glenco are proud to announce we have been shortlisted as finalists for the prestigious Optus My Business Awards.


We have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Trades Business category, going up against 9 other finalists across the nation. Whilst we have been nominated as finalists and won other business awards before, we are very excited for this achievement as it is our first time entering the Optus My Business Awards.


The Optus My Business Awards cover 28 categories and acknowledge best practice within a particular industry sector, as well as individual business leaders, excellence in customer service and achievements in innovation, corporate social responsibility and workplace culture.


Winners from company related categories will be shortlisted for the highly coveted Business of the Year Award.


Adam Zuchetti, editor of My Business, said it is another big year for Australia’s longest-running SME awards program, with a record number of submissions this 2018.


“Small and medium-sized businesses are undeniably the backbone of our nation’s economy, as well as the heart of our local communities. It is wonderful to be able to recognise them on their achievements in service delivery, product innovation, workplace excellence and commitment to sustainability.”


“Every year, both the number and the quality of submissions we receive for the Optus My Business Awards gets better, making it an ever-more impressive feat for those stand-out businesses who are named finalists. Our judges really have their work cut out for them in trying to select this year’s winners!”


He added: “On behalf of the entire My Business team and our long-time partner Optus, I want to congratulate all of our finalists on this stellar achievement and wish them the very best of luck for the main event.”


Directors of Glenco Brad and Glenn Rosen are humbled by the nomination.


Glenco’s recognition for its excellent contribution to the Sydney community reinforces the strength of the brand in connecting with the community and engaging with its customers.


The winners will be announced at a black tie awards dinner on Friday, 9 November at The Star, Sydney. Best of luck to the other finalists and we have our fingers crossed!