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Lighting installation and repairs are the most common jobs for our electricians. Over our many years in business we've completed literally tens of thousands of these repairs and installations. We can supply you with lights we can install for you, or we can install lights you have supplied yourself.

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Lighting can change the whole look and feel of the room and the home. At Glenco we work Sydney wide, and we can install everything from elaborate chandeliers that will work as a centrepiece to your dining room, to simple and stylish lighting options for all the rooms in your home. Another great and really simple lighting option we can install for you are dimmers on existing lights. This way, you can control how bright or dark you want it to be in the room, depending on the occasion. Ask your Glenco lighting installation electrician for more information.

The different types of lighting are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the general lighting that lights up an area. Task lighting is just what it says. It’s lighting that lets you perform specific tasks. For example, the under bench lighting in your kitchen. Or a reading light above your bed to help you reading at night. Accent lighting adds drama to a room or area and shows off specific features that you want to stand out, like lighting to show off a piece of art.

LED Lighting

A lot of homes have a lot of halogen down lights installed, which used to be a popular option. However ...

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